#GreenKeyUnlocked: Let’s Get Creative!

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Green Key Creative recruiters possess a nuanced understanding of the digital and creative industries. We match candidates’ specific creative expertise to exciting roles in their target industries.

Candidates often ask us . . .

What do creatives do?

Creatives help build and perfect the identity of a brand. When the right creative is placed in a perfectly-matched role, incredible things happen.

Green Key Creative is committed to matching job-seeking creatives with their dream roles across a range of functions, including:

  • Art Direction 
  • Copywriting 
  • Ecommerce 
  • Marketing and Advertising 
  • Photography 
  • Production 
  • Project Management 
  • Public Relations 
  • Social Media 
  • Web Development

Don’t creatives earn less than other professionals?

Not necessarily!

Unfortunately, many job seekers and recruiters alike tend to dismiss creative jobs as low-paying career choices. But with the right combination of skills and expertise in their desired field, young creative professionals could bring home anywhere from $57,000 to $126,000 a year.

In fact, several in-demand jobs fall into one or more of the creative categories listed above. Examples of such jobs and the U.S. average annual salary are listed in the table below.

RoleAverage Annual Salary (U.S.)
Content Strategist$73,000
Public Relations Specialist$58,000
Technical Writer$70,000
User Experience (UX) Designer$93,000
Visual Designer$81,000
Average Annual Salary (U.S.) of Creative Jobs
Source: Fairy God Boss

So, where do you begin?

Our jobs board is a great place to start. Select ‘Creative’ from the Practice Area drop-down menu to browse relevant job openings and apply to your dream role. 

And if you are a new or aspiring creative, remember that you don’t have to begin this journey alone! 

Green Key Creative recruiters have an expansive network and knowledge of the trends, skills, and experience companies seek. Learn more about our team.

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