5 Tips to Ace Your Virtual Interview

Whether you’re preparing for a phone screen or a final stage interview, virtual interviews are now an inevitable component of the hiring process. In the last decade, online job interviews have increased by nearly 50%, according to LegalJobs.io.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and physical distancing guidelines, many companies have adopted virtual interviews as the standard for all candidates. By moving interviews online, both employers and job seekers can save time and cut down on travel costs associated with in-person interviews. 

The ability to interview for a job from the comfort of a familiar environment is a big plus for those of us who are prone to pre-interview jitters. But virtual interviews come with their own set of challenges. It’s important to prepare ahead of time to prevent technical difficulties and put your best foot forward in a remote setting.

1. Test your technology before the interview.

Check to make sure your microphone, headphones, and webcam are working properly. If your interview is being conducted on a video conferencing platform such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you can use the test call feature to check your audio, video, and wi-fi quality ahead of the conversation.

2.Position yourself in a clean, quiet, and well-lit space.

Video interviews can provide interviewers with an intimate look into a candidate’s remote work environment. Messy, loud, or poorly lit spaces can affect the interviewer’s perception of a candidate. Thus, it’s important to ensure that your environment is a positive reflection of your working style.

If your remote interview setting does not meet these criteria, consider using a professional virtual background for your call or moving to a different location.

3. Dress for success.

Yes, even during a virtual interview! 

“It would be unprofessional to come dressed in anything other than business casual,” says Aida Xie, a writer for Worknetics Global.

Professional attire sets the tone for the conversation and helps all participants feel more comfortable, competent, and confident.

4. Communicate clearly and confidently.

Technology can sometimes be a barrier to effective communication during virtual interviews. Unexpected issues with wi-fi or reception can complicate things further. Make sure to speak directly into your microphone and ask for clarification if you didn’t quite catch something your interviewers said. 

5. Follow up with your interviewers.

Compared to in-person interviews, virtual interviews tend to be faster paced and conclude abruptly. It’s important to leave a lasting impression on your interviewers, who likely conduct several of these interviews a day. Don’t forget to follow up with a personalized thank you note to let them know that you are committed to the role.

Ready to put your virtual interview skills to the test?

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