Green Key Unlocked: Interview Tips & Etiquette

Interviews can be nerve-wracking. For both the interviewee and interviewer, the experience can cause jitters and uneasiness. And now that many companies are returning to office or adopting hybrid schedules, your upcoming interview might just be in-person again. To help you ace it, we’ve got some interview tips and etiquette to follow. 

Pre-interview preparation 

Prior to your interview, it’s important to prepare as much as possible. Researching the company will help you better understand their mission and goals. It will also help you confidently answer the question “Why do you want to work for us?” By studying the company website and familiarizing yourself with recent news or deals they have participated in, you will establish your knowledge of the company and provide an easier dialogue with the interviewer. 

Green Key recruiters advise to arrive prepared for your interview.  Plan to arrive early, bring copies of your resume and references, if necessary, wear appropriate attire and make sure to offer a firm handshake. 

What to remember in the interview 

While you’re in there, it’s easy to get anxious. Avoid excessive hand movements by keeping your hands clasped or on your lap. Be yourself, show enthusiasm and express your personality; employers are just as interested in who you are personally as your professional experience and skill set. 

However, to sell your skills, make sure they are aligned with the needs of the company and the role you are interviewing for. Reiterate the accomplishments that will enhance the role and guarantee responsibilities will be met. One thing to avoid is overtalking or going off on a tangent. Dara Webman, Executive Director in Legal Support at Green Key, says, “Listen carefully, only answer the questions you’re asked and maintain clear, honest communication throughout. It is important to be truthful and present both strengths and weaknesses.  It is not necessary to embellish your skills. Clients are attracted to candidates who present capabilities or expertise as well as areas for growth.” 

Don’t be afraid to ask your own questions. This is important to encourage additional conversation and find out answers to questions that will help the decision-making process.  Green Key suggests asking some of the questions below: 

  • Can you tell me more about the specific skills and responsibilities that are keys to success in this role? 
  • How did this role become available? 
  • How would you describe a typical day for this role? 
  • How would you describe your ideal candidate? 
  • Can you tell me more about your background and other members of the group? 
  • Which groups will this role be interfacing with and have exposure to on a regular basis? 

While these questions are appropriate and spark further conversation, never ask about salary, benefits, or PTO in your interview. Keep the focus on the role and the opportunities that surround it. 

Post-interview etiquette 

There are a few actions to take after leaving your interview. Firstly, touch base with your recruiter after completing the interview.  A thorough debrief after the interview is important to gauge interest and evaluate pros and cons. It is standard protocol to send a thank you note. 

Webman says, “Recruiters encourage candidates to share the prepared thank you note with them before sending to the client.  It is helpful to have another set of eyes review and proofread this document before it is sent to the client.  A proper thank you note should be short and show your appreciation for the interviewer’s time and consideration.”

Lastly, if you’re not hearing back, you can always send a follow-up email to your recruiter. Remember to be polite and respectful in your inquiry. Job searching can be exhausting and time consuming, recruiters will do their very best to support you thru that process.  

Partner with a Green Key recruiter

For a smooth experience and expert guidance, contact a Green Key recruiter to begin your interview process today. 

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