Green Key Unlocked: FAQs of Working with a Recruiter

If you’ve never worked with a recruiter, you might have some questions or concerns about the process. At Green Key Resources, our recruiters go above and beyond to provide a smooth and reputable experience for their candidates. To eliminate any confusion, we’ve answered a list of commonly asked questions, which we hope will kickstart your journey working with a recruiter and landing your perfect job! 

Do I need to pay to work with a recruiter? 

Nope! Recruiters are paid by the clients they recruit for, not by the candidate. You should never be paying a recruiter to use their services. 

How will a recruiter help me get a job? 

Recruiters generally have access to several job openings within a specific skillset. Often, they even recruit for open roles that are not available online, allowing you opportunities you otherwise might not have known about.  

What is the benefit of working with a recruiter? 

Jordan Haas, Executive Recruiter on the Pharma team at Green Key, elaborates on the benefits and expertise of recruiters. “A good recruiter is a market expert,” he says. “With an umbrella perspective on market rates, a recruiter can let you know what people like yourself are being paid, what specific companies are willing to pay, and the other benefits associated with an offer, such as bonuses, stock options, 401ks, health benefits, etc.” 

Additionally, Jordan refers to recruiters as “resume writing experts,” who genuinely understand what companies and hiring managers are looking for on a resume. Not only are they capable of helping candidates edit and tailor their resumes accordingly, but they also assist in preparing for interviews. 

“Finally, we are expert negotiators,” says Jordan. “The higher salary you’re offered, the more commission we end up making. Thus, it’s in our best interest to help you get the best offer possible, which we will help you do through a variety of strategies.” 

How does the hiring process work with a recruiter? 

The hiring process with a recruiter is very simple. Recruiters are here to make everything easier for you, from the initial contact when you get to know each other, until you ideally accept a job offer.  

In between these events, recruiters will provide opportunities they believe would interest you, determine if you’d like to apply, and send your application to their client. From there, they will receive feedback from the company, which they will relay to you, and schedule an interview if they are interested. Should they want to hire you, your recruiter will present the job offer and aid in negotiation of salary.  

What happens if I don’t find a job working with a recruiter? 

Not to worry! If you don’t initially find a job working with a recruiter, they will continue to search for jobs that match your interest and experience. Jordan mentions, “In all honesty, it’s a two-way street. Like many other professionals, we can get very busy, so it’s important for you to follow up with your recruiter if you haven’t heard from them in a few days or weeks. We will make sure to do the same.” 

What is the advantage of working with a recruiter at Green Key? 

Jordan puts it best. “When working with a recruiter at Green Key Resources, you are getting the best of the best!  Green Key recruiters go above and beyond to develop relationships with folks that go beyond the scope of simply recruiting. While some recruiting firms look at people and candidates as a transaction to obtain commission, recruiters at Green Key see people for who they truly are – people.  You can think of us recruiters here at Green Key as more of a personal sports agent, who has your best interest in mind when finding you a new job.” 

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