#WeAreGreenKey: Spotlight on Rachel Azzolini

Welcome to #WeAreGreenKey, where we shine a spotlight on our powerhouse recruiting team.    

We sat down last week with Rachel Azzolini, Executive Recruiter on the Accounting & Finance team. After trying out different roles and industries over the years, Rachel soon came to realize her specialty was in recruiting, and she’s been with Green Key for the past four months. She chatted with us about her unique career journey, what she wishes people knew about recruiters, and the endless support she has on her team.  

How did you get your start in recruiting? 

When I was in college, I helped start a company within the sports technology space. I knew I was interested in the sports side of it, so when I moved to New Jersey, I started working for the Mets as a Sales Representative. I soon realized it wasn’t the tech or sports side that intrigued me; it was recruiting. I then worked at a public accounting firm, where I helped build out their entire New Jersey team. It was an exciting industry that was always changing, and I still got to do recruiting. Little by little, I took pieces of my career until I found what I really loved. I came to Green Key in March this year and I feel very lucky with my team and managers. 

What does training look like on your team? 

Training on our team is a lot of hands-on and one-on-one. When I first started, I got to train with other people, not just my managers. Everyone has their own variations of how they do things, so it was awesome getting everyone’s help and perspectives. 

How does your team communicate despite not being together? 

I actually thought it would be a lot harder, considering that we are so spread out. But it’s been pretty seamless communicating with everyone. We are constantly on the phone for various reasons and have weekly meetings. Meeting with smaller groups helps people become more comfortable speaking up and asking questions.  

The team is also so amazing making sure your family is being taken care of outside of work. Because of the people I am surrounded by here, I have never once felt like my family life has interrupted my ability to be successful. It motivates me so much more being I know they genuinely care. Productivity really increases when companies care about their employees.  

What keeps you coming back to recruiting every day? 

I love that I get to talk to different people every single day and build genuine connections with candidates. I’ve had people who have helped me reach my goals, so if I can do that for somebody else, that’s what keeps me happy and brings me joy. This isn’t a one-stop shop for me. I want to maintain long-term relationships. Even if I can’t place someone at a job, if I can make an introduction and continue our relationship for years down the road, I’m ok with that. I’m here for the long haul, not just one opportunity. 

What do you think sets Green Key apart from other agencies? 

I’ve never been part of an organization that genuinely cares about my personal success outside of their success. It’s not about making anyone look good. They all want to see me be successful, which is not something you find often. No one is rooting for you more than the people on this team.  

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your recruiting experience? 

Giving yourself a lot of grace as a recruiter, as well as the people you talk to. You never know what’s going on in people’s lives. By never getting angry or frustrated with a candidate when things don’t work out, they will at least know who to call in the future, because I made them feel comfortable in the process. 

What’s something about recruiters you want to demystify? 

We are on your side and we want what’s best for you. And as a recruiter, we always try to see things from your perspective. This is a people-first business. 

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