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Jul 22, 2024

#GreenKey20: Pharma’s Road to Success

As part of our series celebrating 20 years of unparalleled dedication across all practice areas, today we spotlight our incredible Pharma division. The team has been instrumental in connecting top talent with leading pharmaceutical and clinical companies, contributing to significant advancements in the industry.  

Starting the Journey 

Even though partners, Deloris Jones, Larry Goodman, Cheryl Chasen, and Todd Gabianelli joined Green Key at different times, they joined with the shared vision of advancing the pharma sector through strategic talent acquisition, building strong relationships, and a people centered approach.  

Larry mentioned, “Deloris and I joined Green Key in 2010 after having worked at another agency. I had a call with the internal recruiter and, shortly after, I was on another call with Matt Kutin. The call went on for roughly two hours, and it felt like chatting with a relative; we clicked almost immediately. After conducting my research, I chose to join the team. Deloris began similarly; I referred her to the team, and once she learned about the opportunity, she was sold.” 

He also reminded us of the early days in the Florida office, remarking, “Our initial Altamonte Springs, Florida office was quite small, with just five of us in a compact space attempting to understand how to set up computers and configure the router. Our setup involved a single router on the floor with cables extending in all directions. For about the first half-year, we didn’t even have landlines and relied solely on our personal mobile phones for communication with clients and candidates.”

From these humble beginnings, the pharma team has grown in both size and expertise, evolving to meet the dynamic needs of the pharmaceutical sector. Their hard work and commitment have positioned them as leaders in pharma recruitment. 

Deloris reflected on the team’s initial accomplishments, noting, “A clear success for the team was securing large accounts early on, as we initially struggled to attract any business.”  

Cheryl remarked, “Landing contracts with large pharmaceutical companies, navigating the RFP procedures, and securing positions.” 

Core Values: The Heart of Their Success 

At the core of our values have guided us since the beginning. Integrity, innovation, and a client centric approach are the pillars that support everything we do. 

Todd highlighted, “Our core values – integrity, innovation, and client-centricity – have been the foundation of our success over the years. These principles guide every decision we make and every relationship we build, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of both our clients and candidates. It’s this unwavering commitment to our values that has made us a trusted leader in the industry.” 

These values drive their recruitment strategies, fostering trust and excellence in every placement. It is this commitment to their core values that sets them apart in the industry. 

Why Pharma at Green Key? 

Their focus on the pharmaceutical industry stems from a deep belief in its potential to transform lives. They are dedicated to sourcing top talent for roles that drive innovation and improve patient outcomes. 

Larry noted, “I think clients, candidates, and team members choose to partner with us because of the team, which comprises of people who have been in the industry for so long that their network is vast. They have built a solid reputation for themselves. We provide exceptional service to our clients and candidates, prioritizing care and maintaining strong ethics.”  

Cheryl added, “We always aim to do what’s right, even if it leads to an outcome where we don’t win. I believe that our non-metrics-focused leadership approach and authentic care for team members are key reasons why they choose to collaborate with us. For instance, if we see someone’s passion lies somewhere else, we work to get them to get to a position where they will truly flourish.” 

By maintaining rigorous standards and staying attuned to industry trends, they ensure that their clients receive the best candidates for their critical positions. 

Deloris also noted, “As leaders, we lead by example. We’re still selling and recruiting, so it’s not like we are simply managing people and have zero idea of what they’re going through.” 

Looking Ahead 

As we celebrate this 20-year milestone, the Pharma team is more motivated than ever to continue their journey of excellence in recruitment. The future holds exciting possibilities, and they are ready to embrace them with the same enthusiasm and dedication that has defined their past. 

“We are excited about the opportunities to grow and continue improving our services. Our commitment to innovation and excellence remains steadfast, and we are dedicated to adapting to the evolving needs of the industry. We look forward to building on our legacy, forging new partnerships, and achieving even greater success in the years to come,” said Todd.  

Jul 17, 2024

Reflecting on 20 Years of Growth and Innovation: Green Key Accounting & Finance 

As we continue to celebrate two decades of growth and innovation at Green Key Resources, it’s only right to journey back to the roots of our firm’s first practice area. From the team’s humble beginnings to becoming a leader in the industry, Green Key Accounting & Finance has played a pivotal role in shaping our identity and success as a firm.  

The team emerged organically, driven by the passion of our company’s founders. It represented their areas of expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional value to clients and candidates. Brian Blake, Senior Partner at Green Key, along with Partners James Whitehead and Jason Kien recently expressed how honored they are to have developed their careers with the Accounting & Finance team over the past 20 years.   

Reflecting on the Journey  

Since 2004, the Accounting & Finance team has expanded and diversified, adapting to the changing needs of their clients and candidates, as well as the dynamic landscape of the recruitment industry. Twenty years later, the team now has over 35 recruiters with offices in NYC, Long Island, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The team is proud to encompass a wide range of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clientele.  

 “After I graduated college, I started working in sales and didn’t see a future there. I knew Matt [Kutin] through a mutual connection and when I heard he was starting the firm, I immediately reached out. I started working as a consultant for the first couple of months,” James reflected. “Shortly after, in early 2005, I was offered a full-time role as a Junior Candidate Recruiter. I was able to help build our first database of clients and candidates. These days, I tackle a lot of internal training and mentorship, while also running a lot of business development and driving new client relationships.”  

The team’s journey was not without its challenges. Like many others, they tackled economic uncertainty, tightening budgets, and heightened competition. Nevertheless, the team’s members remained resilient. They adopted new strategies, tightened their belts, and redoubled their commitment to delivering value to their clients and candidates.   

James expanded on the challenges the team has faced, saying, “When Covid hit, we thought we were only going to be home for about two weeks. It ended up being almost six months. During this time, we were all unsure as to how we’d make another placement or schedule interviews without going into an office. But once we figured out working from home, and our clients realized they can virtually interview our candidates, we were able to see success that flowed into 2021 and 2022.”  

GKR Accounting & Finance Team’s Core Values   

 “Our recruiters are honest, ethical and truly have our clients and candidates’ best interests in mind with any search we take on,” said Brian. At the core of the Accounting & Finance team are their guiding principles and values, which have remained prevalent throughout the years:  

  • Integrity: Like all other areas, integrity is non-negotiable for the team. They operate with the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct, earning the trust and confidence of their clients, candidates, and colleagues alike. 
  • Work Ethic: The team believes in the power of hard work, dedication, and perseverance to achieve their goals. They are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and put in the extra effort to deliver results that exceed expectations. Whether it’s meeting tight deadlines, tackling complex challenges, or going the extra mile for their clients, they approach each task with a strong work ethic that sets them apart in the industry.  
  • Collaboration: The team understands that the best results are achieved when they work together as a team, leveraging each other’s strengths, skills, and expertise. They foster an environment where ideas are freely shared, feedback is welcomed, and collaboration is encouraged at every level. By working together, they achieve more, innovate faster, and deliver better outcomes for their clients and candidates.   
  • Innovation: Innovation is at the heart of everything the team does. They are constantly exploring new technologies, methodologies, and approaches to deliver creative and effective solutions that drive results for their clients.  

Paired with these core values is the need to be curious, “Something I always try to harp on is the need to be intellectually curious, because we’re constantly working with different companies within different industries.  You have to want to know who they are and what they do. This is what drives success in our group,” said James.   

Why AF at Green Key?  

So, why do recruiters choose to recruit on the Accounting & Finance team at Green Key? Colleagues are drawn to the team because of their collaborative work style, as well as their family-like culture. Their commitment to these principles creates an environment where every team member feels supported and empowered to excel.   

Clients choose to partner with Accounting & Finance because they recognize their dedication to integrity and collaboration. Their strong work ethic ensures that they deliver results efficiently and effectively, building long-lasting relationships and bringing in top talent.   

“Candidates are attracted to our diverse client base and quality of jobs,” said Brian, when asked why candidates seek out their services. “We have built a reputation within the industry through our dedication to providing exceptional service and delivering results that exceed expectations. Candidates often hear about our team’s professionalism, integrity, and success stories, which further reinforces their decision to partner with us. Our track record of placing top talent in rewarding positions speaks volumes about the caliber of service and opportunities we offer, making us the preferred choice for candidates seeking a fulfilling career path.”  

Jason also added, “I was taught from the very beginning to treat my job more as a ‘career counselor’, rather than someone just trying to make a placement. Everybody on our team takes a lot of pride in giving strong, genuine career advice, whether we ultimately make a placement or not. In the end, we’ve guided that candidate in their career journey.”   

Looking to the Future  

As Accounting & Finance looks ahead, they remain dedicated to continuing their team expansion and solidifying their presence in both old and emerging markets. They are committed to leveraging their two decades worth of expertise and experience to capture new opportunities and meet the evolving needs of their clients and candidates. Their strategic approach involves a keen focus on identifying key markets for growth and implementing tailored strategies to establish a foothold within them.   

Brian stated, “We will continue to grow our national footprint across the country.” 

Jul 15, 2024

#GreenKey20: A Journey of Commitment and Growth in Healthcare Recruiting

For almost two decades, Green Key’s healthcare division has been a beacon of dedication, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence in the recruiting industry. What began as a modest initiative with a vision to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and institutions has now evolved into a cornerstone of the industry. The team’s journey has been marked by an unwavering commitment to support the healthcare sector with top-tier talent, ensuring that every placement they make contributes to the betterment of patient care and operational efficiency.

Karen Martinez, Partner at Green Key, along with Principals Nicole Jonas, Elizabeth Stoler, and Meredith Barcelo recently shared a few stories on how the team has evolved and expressed how honored they are to have developed their careers with each other.  

“When I started the Healthcare Group 18 years ago at Green Key, it was a very different world.  We had to learn how to adapt and change with the times and I think this has allowed the group to grow and continue to service all our clients,” said Elizabeth.

Building Trust and Lasting Relationships

Trust is the foundation of the healthcare team’s success. Over the past 20 years, they have built and nurtured relationships with countless healthcare providers, candidates, and institutions. Their clients trust them to understand their unique needs and to provide candidates who are not just qualified, but also a perfect fit for their organizational culture. Likewise, candidates trust them to represent them accurately and to place them in roles where they can thrive and make a meaningful impact.

When asked about the evolution of the team Meredith noted, “Healthcare temp has evolved a lot by responding to shifts in the market. When I first started, temp and perm staffing was separated into two divisions. I was working with rehab clients, which was a booming business at the time.”

Their approach is deeply personal and highly professional. They take the time to get to know each client and candidate, ensuring that they understand their goals, challenges, and aspirations. This deep understanding enables them to create matches that lead to long-term success and satisfaction for both parties.

Why Green Key?

The healthcare team members are the heart of the team’s operation. They choose to work with the team because they provide an environment that values collaboration, continuous learning, and professional growth. They empower their recruiters with the tools and training they need to excel in their roles, and they foster a culture of support and innovation.

Nicole highlighted, “It may not be the easiest, but our team members will not get a better or more formal recruiting education anywhere else. A lot of our tenured members start as researchers and grow into their role.”

They believe in recognizing and rewarding hard work, and they celebrate our team’s successes, both big and small. This positive and dynamic work environment attracts passionate professionals who are committed to making a difference in the healthcare recruiting landscape.

Clients and candidates choose to partner with the healthcare team because of their proven track record of success, their deep industry knowledge, and personalized approach. They go beyond simply filling positions; they strive to create lasting partnerships that add value to both the client and the candidate.

Clients appreciate their rigorous vetting process, which ensures that they are presented with only the most qualified and suitable candidates. They also value their industry insights and strategic advice, which help them navigate the complexities of the healthcare landscape.

“We have some of the longest-standing recruiters at Green Key on our team. They know the business from inside out. Over the years, we’ve become the most even keeled and consistent group,” said Nicole.

Candidates appreciate the team’s commitment to their career development. They provide them with access to premier opportunities, offer guidance throughout the recruitment process, and support them in achieving their long-term career goals.

Looking Ahead

As Green Key celebrates this significant milestone, the healthcare team is more committed than ever to their mission. The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and they are excited to continue evolving with it. Looking ahead, they plan to expand their reach, embrace new technologies, and further refine their services to meet the changing needs of their clients and candidates.

Their vision for the future is one where they continue to be the preferred partner for healthcare recruiting, known for their integrity, innovation, and impact. They are excited to build on the strong foundation they have established over the past 20 years and to continue making a positive difference in the healthcare industry for many years to come.

Filling Roles with Limited Available Local Talent Options

How do you fill a role when there is limited local talent within a specific skill set you are seeking? 
Our national teams have run hundreds of these types of searches over the past five years. We have strong opinions and anecdotal evidence as to how you can accomplish these feats. 
In order to illustrate this properly, we’ll examine a functional discipline where this problem presents throughout the United States, Fund Accounting searches outside of New York City. 
Alternative asset managers have grown tremendously outside of the Greater New York City Area, yet many find themselves in markets where potential available support staff in competitive firms are nonexistent, and comparable professionals have limited to no awareness of Private Equity Funds or Hedge Funds. 

According to research from LinkedIn Talent Insights as well as candidate populations from our proprietary database, there are around 5,000 Staff and Senior Fund Accountants in the United States.  New York has around 1,000 of these professionals. 

The top five cities include New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Salt Lake City. 

Miami has become a very popular destination for Alternative Asset Managers, however, less than 100 Staff and Senior Fund Accountants reside in the city. 

If your business moves to or is in a city like Miami, searching for this level of candidate can be difficult.  If we assume around a 10-20% turnover rate throughout the country, there may only be 4-5 viable candidates for an open position. 

When presented with this data, a specific search plan from an experienced firm is necessary to complete a search in a timely fashion. 
Here are the typical options we present in these situations, assuming the local options are not considered plausible. 

Relocation Hiring 

We have completed many searches involving relocations.  The trick is to understand the motivations for an individual to move.  Employees need a compelling reason to change their life beyond the employment opportunity.  Careful vetting is critical to completing a successful placement with this strategy.  These types of options typically take much longer and usually come with a greater cost and a higher chance of failure. 

Remote Hiring 

We saw a major surge along with the rest of the market in terms of remote hiring.  The appetite has decreased for these types of arrangements, but some firms are still utilizing this strategy.  The clear benefit is total access to the available candidate population.  We have seen extremely successful hires with remote hiring.  Because of logistical concerns, time zone, working hours, and candidate/employer planning, all are critical to ensuring a long-term successful relationship. 
Build Strategic Office, or Utilize Existing Alternative Office 

Often, firms will have a presence in multiple cities or states increasing their access to a niche candidate population.  The benefit here is that the employee will still have collaboration and engagement with other individuals from the firm.  It is important that a senior leadership professional in the organization will agree to mentor and support any hires outside of their typical structure should this strategy be employed. 

If no alternative office exists, many of our clients have tasked us with building a strategic office in cities with a larger talent pool of the near and long-term anticipated needs for the business.  This is an excellent option, and again usually needs a senior leadership professional who is motivated and empowered to manage and grow these teams. 
Finding Similar Skill Sets Locally 

When examining all options, we feel this is by far the most underrated and consistently underutilized strategy.  Options 1-3 will all provide excellent outcomes when executed with the right parameters in place, however taking the time to train a strong and motivated junior professional will typically yield equal value.  By accepting alternative skill sets, the talent pool will naturally widen within a geographical area.  The most important piece to completing a successful search with this strategy is engaging with a firm that has a history of these types of placements.  Candidates must have some type of motivation to learn these skill sets and develop industry knowledge, and that must be vetted carefully to ensure a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Accounting and Finance team. Additionally, if you have a difficult search or would like to learn more, be sure to check out our practice page to connect with us!