Now organizations in sectors well beyond the pioneers in finance are investing in blockchain to protect data, decentralize processes and facilitate asset and data transfer.

“It’s an appealing model for many sectors, promising transparency and trust as it helps make value exchange possible,” says a SmartBrief article. Although focusing mostly on the financial sector, which is where blockchain found its earliest uses, the article mentions the steady creep of the technology into other industries and even slowly becoming commoditized as “blockchain as a service.”

“Amazon and Microsoft both currently offer BaaS, and enterprises as well as startups are taking advantage of it,” says SmartBrief. Citing a Gartner survey of CIOs, the article notes that “60% expected their firms to start or continue adopting blockchain-based technology between now and 2023.”

Earlier this year, Deloitte issued a blockchain trends report. Besides describing the evolving technology and the features each different approach offers, Deloitte found that some of the fastest growth in blockchain investments was coming in such unexpected industries as professional services – a sector that includes the staffing and employment industry – and energy and resources. In each of those 38% and 43% respectively of the firms surveyed were spending at least $5 million each on blockchain initiatives.

Not unexpectedly, the largest percentage of businesses investing in blockchain were in technology, media and telecom.

“More organizations in more sectors — such as technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, health care, and government — are expanding and diversifying their blockchain initiatives,” Deloitte observes.

Like the financial sector, life sciences and health care deal with highly sensitive medical data they must protect or face legal consequences. Those two sectors are where blockchain “can have a more immediate and meaningful impact,” says Deloitte. They are in an industry, the report explains, “In which data transparency, speed of access, immutability, traceability, and trustworthiness can provide the information necessary for life-altering decisions.”

Interestingly, Gartner assigns a similar importance – not life or death, but still vital – to blockchain’s value to media.

“Organizations and governments are now turning to technology to help counter fake news, for example, by using blockchain technology to authenticate news photographs and video, as the technology creates an immutable and shared record of content that ideally is viewable to consumers,” Gartner said.


To Tech Pros Everywhere: We Are Grateful!

You’re reading this because all over the world IT professionals are at work keeping the internet’s vast array of routers, servers, switches and other equipment functioning.

Unless you work for a telecom or one of the organizations that plays a role in keeping the internet operating, chances are you’ll never meet these network engineers and system administrators.

But you know the guy or gal who fixes your computer problems when you call. Even if you’ve never met them in person, you’ve come to rely on them to be there when you say “Help!”

These are the unsung tech heroes we recognize today on IT Professionals Day. And never before have we all had so much to thank them for.

When the COVID pandemic closed offices across the world, IT professionals made it possible for employees to work from home.

Their round the clock work keeps us in touch with friends and family, enables students to attend class remotely, and makes it possible for us to consult a doctor by video from home.

As SolarWinds, founder of National IT Pro Day in 2015, says, “The success of organizations during the reality of an unprecedented global pandemic is due in large part to IT pros’ preparedness and ability to adapt and manage through substantial change. We didn’t know it at the time, but all your training, ideas, and skillsets were leading up to this year’s events, which saw entire organizations rely on IT teams to keep their business up and running.”

We at Green Key Resources join with the millions of others in saying thank you to all IT professionals. We are grateful for everything you do. And, to quote SolarWinds, “If we’ve learn anything from our IT pros this year, it’s they’re ready, willing, and able to tackle any challenge head-on.”

Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash


What to Leave Off Your Resume

There are plenty of ways for your resume to stand out, but you do not want to stand out for the wrong reasons and miss a fantastic job opportunity.