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Jun 6, 2023

Investors Are Again Favoring Hedge Funds

After seeing investors move their money out of hedge funds for nine consecutive quarters, Bloomberg says better times for the industry are right around the corner.

The prediction comes from a Bloomberg Mandates survey of 50 institutional allocators with more than $500 billion in assets. Half of them said they have or plan to increase their investment in hedge funds.

Reporting on the results of the survey, Boomberg.com said, “The industry emerged as the top pick among six major alternative asset classes, followed by private debt. About 60% of those surveyed said they were re-jiggering their investments as a result of the market turmoil.”

That’s good news for managers. Hedge funds have been struggling for several years just to stay even with market indices. In the first half of this year, Hedge Fund Research reports that on an asset-weighted basis, the industry lost 7.9%.

However, Evestment said average hedge fund returns in June were positive by 2.07%. That improved the average half-year return to a minus 3.37% for the industry as a whole. By comparison, the S&P 500 was off 3.08% at mid-year, according to Evestment data.

A Credit Suisse survey released at the end of June found that among the 160 institutional investors it surveyed, hedge funds were strongly favored among the 10 major asset classes. At 32%, net demand — the percentage of investors increasing allocations less the percentage decreasing – was the highest in the last five years.

Joseph Gasparro, Credit Suisse’s, head of Americas capital services content, suggested that the renewed enthusiasm for hedge funds is being driven by the market uncertainties as evidenced by the vacillation in the S&P.

“The incredible run-up in equities from late March to early June, the ‘easy money’ if you will, is likely not going to repeat,” Gasparro told Bloomberg. “The environment going forward will include more uncertainties, with investors relying on hedge funds to help navigate.”

In the Bloomberg Mandates survey, 60% of those surveyed said they were reallocating their investment mix because of the market turmoil. Bloomberg said long-short equity was the most popular hedge fund strategy. Funds-of-funds was the least popular.


Don’t Commit the Sin of Overproductivity

Is it possible to be too productive?

The short answer is “Yes.” The consequences of overproductivity can be as serious in white collar work as it is in lean manufacturing.

If that surprises you, consider what it means to exceed expectations and not just by doing more than what is expected, but overproducing to such an extent that you sometimes run out of work and feel guilty if you stop to take a breath.

Laura Stack, a productivity professionals, calls overproductivity a “deadly sin.”

Why would someone who’s written more books on productivity than practically anyone and who regularly speaks at conferences about improving productivity warn about being too productive? Because overproductivity on a sustained basis leads to a poor or non-existent work/life balance, it takes a toll on your body to always be running, managers ding you should you ever perform at “normal” speed and burnout forever looms.

“Too much work,” writes Stack, “Can damage your health in many ways, from cardiovascular disability to too little sleep, a poor diet, dehydration, and more .”

If that isn’t enough, your co-workers will come to resent you, since they’ll be pushed by the boss to perform at your pace. When you need their help on some task how likely do you suppose they’ll be to come to your aid?

“Like a nova that briefly outshines, if you overproduce too long, you may burn out, whereupon you’re useless, not just to yourself but to everyone. And in the modern business environment, an underperforming asset, even a human one, is unlikely to last long,” says Stack.

The point of this post isn’t to dissuade anyone from working hard and being productive. Instead, learn to pace yourself so you can perform well, sustain quality and be as productive next week, next month and next year as you are today.

Image by mohamed Hassan