A job interview isn’t just an opportunity to showcase your experience and skills, it’s also a great opportunity to get insight into company culture and the working style of your potential manager and future boss.

Assessing someone’s management style can be difficult, particularly during an interview, but there are a few ways to find the right environment and the right management style for you.

Psychologist Cécile Pichon wrote in a recent article, that to start this process, you must first understand the best way that you work. Do you prefer teamwork or autonomy? Competition or encouragement? Knowing what you need from a manager can help you recognize your compatibility with a particular management style.

When it comes to understanding a potential boss’s management style, Pichon suggests asking direct questions during an interview, for example:

  • What are the qualities you expect in your employees?
  • What is the onboarding and training process like?
  • How would you define your management style?
  • What makes you proud of your team?
  • What do you think is required to achieve success in this position?

From these questions, you may be able to gain some insight into your potential manager’s expectations. It’s a chance to discover what qualities are important in the members of their team. Compare these insights to your own management needs to understand if they would be the best match for you as a manager.

Remember, an interview is not only meant for a potential employer to learn more about you, it is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and understand if the role or the team is right for you. Check out the opportunities our Green Key recruiters are hiring for now on our Jobs page.

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