An audit of the nation’s staffing agencies found them ready and able to provide workers for all of the “essential critical infrastructure” jobs listed by the Department of Homeland Security.

Conducted by the American Staffing Association, the audit analyzed 185 essential jobs identified by the government finding staffing agencies able to “source and deploy personnel to fill orders for 100%” of the positions. The list of essential jobs, published March 28, covers 16 broad sectors including healthcare and pharmaceutical, food and agriculture, logistics, technology and financial services.

“From nurses and emergency physicians, to truck drivers, forklift operators, and beyond, staffing agencies are providing the essential workers the nation needs now and as we continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Richard Wahlquist, president and chief executive officer of the American Staffing Association.

As a member of the ASA, Green Key Resources has placed a priority on filling essential jobs in hospitals, financial institutions and other critical sectors of the economy.

“Even before the government-ordered shutdown, we reached out to all of our clients to assess their special and anticipated needs,” says Managing Partner Andrew Chayut. “Since the shutdown, we’ve filled multiple, urgent requests from employers in critical and essential businesses, and we continue to give these our highest priority.

“In addition, we’re still providing staff for other businesses that are continuing to operate remotely,” he added.

All Green Key Resources associates across the country continue to work from home. With full access to our company systems, we are able to work as seamlessly as if we were in the office to fill essential and nonessential needs. Give us a call at (212) 683-1988.

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Business Indicators, Staffing Hires Point to an Improving Economy

After falling in the first quarter to the lowest level since 2014, staffing employment came roaring back in the second quarter that ended June 30, adding almost 200,000 new temporary and contract workers to the US economy.

The numbers from the Labor Department released July 2 bear out the trend first seen in the weekly Staffing Index produced by the American Staffing Association. The Index, which tracks weekly changes in temporary and contract employment, began declining in early March as COVID-19 cases began rising. With businesses shutting down, idling millions of workers, the Index fell to a historic low.

But with the May 3rd Index update, the first signs of improvement began to show. Slowly , and, now more rapidly as businesses reopen, the Index is trending up.

Between May and June, the Index gained almost 9 percentage points. Meanwhile, all staffing agencies, including we here at Green Key Resources, added a total of 148,900 jobs during June. For the quarter, staffing agencies added 195,800 new contract and temporary jobs.

“The economy is not out of the woods yet. But the overall numbers are certainly encouraging,” says Green Key Resources Managing Partner Andrew Chayut.

“Temp and contract positions are a leading economic indicator,” he explained. “As businesses begin growing, they first bring on temporary workers. That’s what we’re seeing and it’s definitely a positive development.”

While the recovery is fragile, tied as it is to the spread of the coronavirus and government efforts to stop it, other economic indicators are all improving.

The Employment Trends Index from the non-profit business research group The Conference Board, was up by 8.3% in June. Hiring by staffing employment agencies was one of the two strongest contributors to the ETI, which is a composite of 8 labor market indicators.

The Conference Board’s other, closely watched economic indicators, were also up, some even more strongly. CEO Confidence for the quarter increased by 10%; Consumer Confidence was up 12.2%. The Board’s most recent Leading Economic Index was up 2.8% in May. June’s results are due to be released July 23.

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