Is your change management sufficiently agile to facilitate the digital transformation that the disruptive technologies of 5G and artificial intelligence bring?

That’s just the kind of talk CIOs and other IT leaders wish to banish from all our conversations.

“Buzzwords start out as powerful ideas,” says Matt Seaman, Lockheed Martin’s director and chief data and analytics officer of enterprise. “It’s not until they’re misused and watered down that they become a problem.”

And all the buzzwords we used in the first sentence of this blog post are words so often abused and twisted that CIO magazine listed them among the “10 misused buzzwords in IT.”

Take “digital transformation” for example. It’s a phrase CIO writer Clint Boulton says is one “CIOs love to hate because it’s often pitched as a cure-all for modernizing legacy businesses.”

No matter how much tech is implemented it won’t make a difference if it isn’t accompanied by business transformation, maintains Mark Bilger, CIO of One Call. “Digital solutions do not magically transform the business. A fool with a tool is still a fool.”

OK, but what about change management?

Consider it the twin of digital transformation. Jenny Gray, senior director of application development at Power Home Remodeling, tells CIO the phrase suggests the “antiquated” idea that change should come through major initiatives and strategies. Change, she says, should be happening constantly in businesses.

Change also happens “more slowly than people think,” insists Target CIO Mike McNamara, who is tired of hearing of “disruptive technology.” The notion that there are technologies that will transform an industry overnight is a mistaken one, he says. “There is no disruptive technology out there right now, because the whole point of disruption is that you don’t see it coming.”

What other buzzwords made CIO’s list?

  • Agile – It’s applied indiscriminately, complains Bilger. Most teams are anything but agile, he says.
  • DevOps – It’s used so often and so incorrectly that it has “an identity problem.” Especially by vendors pitching DevOps tools, “The definition gets watered down,” says Brittany Woods, a cloud automation engineer at H&R Block. “People need to stop using DevOps in the wrong context.”
  • Minimal Viable Product — MVP is (wrongly) used to describe a technology proof-of-concept, says Lockheed Martin’s Seaman. “MVP isn’t complete until the enterprise improves the product based on user feedback,” the article explains.
  • Artificial intelligence – There’s nothing “intelligent” about the processes and applications that get labelled AI, says Target’s McNamara. “Machine learning” is his preferred term.
  • Machine Learning – Vendors are to blame for the common misuse of this term. When not erroneously describing smart automation tools as AI, they’re describing them as machine learning. Bilger, of One Call, says ML is a valid description, but only when applied properly.
  • 5G – Because of all the hype, Matt Clair, CIO of Clair Global, complains, “Everyone is talking about 5G, but 90% of them don’t know what they’re talking about.”
  • Extended reality — Virtual reality and augmented reality apparently weren’t enough, so extended reality entered the jargon and now gets misapplied to all sort of computer environments.

Of course, just because these words and phrases get misused and misapplied on a regular basis doesn’t mean we’ll all stop using them – or learn to apply them correctly.

“Reasonable minds differ on what constitutes legitimate or sketchy applications of terminology. Sometimes 5G really means 5G. XR can include a legitimate application of AR or VR.”

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Green Key
Mar 11, 2024

Anthropic Unveils Claude 3: Redefining AI Chatbots with Enhanced Capabilities

Anthropic, the AI startup backed by Google and with substantial venture capital, has just introduced the latest iteration of its GenAI technology: Claude 3. This announcement marks a significant advancement in AI capabilities, positioning Claude 3 as a formidable competitor even against OpenAI’s GPT-4.

Advanced Capabilities

According TechCrunch, “Claude 3, as Anthropic’s new GenAI is called, is a family of models — Claude 3 Haiku, Claude 3 Sonnet, and Claude 3 Opus, Opus being the most powerful. All show “increased capabilities” in analysis and forecasting, Anthropic claims, as well as enhanced performance on specific benchmarks versus models like ChatGPT and GPT-4 (but not GPT-4 Turbo) and Google’s Gemini 1.0 Ultra (but not Gemini 1.5 Pro).”

Multimodal Functionality

One notable feature of Claude 3 is its multimodal functionality, enabling it to analyze both text and images. This capability, like some iterations of GPT-4 and Gemini, allows Claude 3 to process various visual data such as, “…photos, charts, graphs and technical diagrams, drawing from PDFs, slideshows and other document types.” TechCrunch went further to note, “In a step one better than some GenAI rivals, Claude 3 can analyze multiple images in a single request (up to a maximum of 20). This allows it to compare and contrast images, notes Anthropic.” However, Anthropic has imposed limits on image processing to address ethical concerns, “Anthropic has disabled the models from identifying people…”

Claude 3’s Limitations

While Claude 3 showcases remarkable advancements, it’s not without limitations. TechCrunch reported that, “…the company admits that Claude 3 is prone to making mistakes with “low-quality” images (under 200 pixels) and struggles with tasks involving spatial reasoning (e.g. reading an analog clock face) and object counting (Claude 3 can’t give exact counts of objects in images).” Anthropic promises frequent updates to Claude 3, aiming to enhance its capabilities and address existing limitations. These updates will include improvements in following multi-step instructions, structured output generation, and multilingual support, making Claude 3 more responsive and adaptable to user needs.

As Anthropic continues to innovate and expand their offerings, the company remains dedicated to fostering a transparent and responsible approach to AI development. With substantial backing and a clear roadmap for future enhancements, Anthropic is poised to share the future of AI-driven solutions and pave the way for transformative advancements in various domains.

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