Consulting is one of the many trends that our Marketing Technology team has been seeing a lot of in the industry. Marketing Technology Consultants are responsible for helping organizations develop and implement marketing programs to boost sales, generate engagement, and drive traffic. A.J. Arcaini, Executive Recruiter on the MarTech team at Green Key, provides his three keys to success as a Marketing Technology Consultant. You can also view our recent TikTok featuring Arcaini’s thoughts on this topic! 


The first key to remember is communication. Arcaini believes being able to listen is just as much, if not more, important than being able to explain or show what you’re doing as a consultant. “Having a collaborative environment of communication between both consultant and client will make teams operate much more effectively,” he says.  


“In consulting, some of the biggest value you can provide is being versatile,” Arcaini mentions. “Whether you are sitting with stakeholders and creating strategy or working with an entire marketing team producing campaigns, if you’re able to be versatile, that will create a successful engagement.” In essence, a successful consultant will always be able to pivot from one project to the next, with the ability to communicate and strategize with a variety of different teams.  


Consultants are brought in by clients because they need an expert on board. “You should come prepared, strapped with the newest tools and trends and ideas within the space,” says Arcaini. In addition to expert-level usage and experience within numerous types of platforms, you should also be providing a way to help plan and strategize with the client just how you can make their marketing technology utilization much more efficient.  

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