With the new year comes an exciting expansion for the Marketing and Sales (formerly Marketing Technology) practice area at Green Key Resources. The team will serve clients of all sizes on a national level in their hunt for talented sales and marketing professionals. We sat down with Ryan Calpin, Director of the Marketing and Sales recruiting team, to talk about their new direction.

What are the main areas that Marketing & Sales will be hiring for in 2023?

We are really looking to branch out in 2023, specifically on the sales side of marketing. Sales and marketing are two departments that are always tied together and there are a lot of sales positions being hired around software and technology. We’d already started to work on some of these roles in the final quarter of 2022 to launch ourselves into this space. We really hope to highlight the value of sales to our clients.

What types of clients and candidates will the Marketing & Sales team work with in 2023?

Our typical clients won’t change much, as marketing and sales departments work hand in hand. These clients are usually within software technology, specifically those who understand the value of the tools and provide their services.

In terms of candidates, there are so many new job titles on the horizon as we expand to this new team function. These can include Social Media Specialist/Manager, Public Relations Specialist, SEO Specialist, Account Executive, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Content Copywriter, Creative Director, e-Commerce Specialist, Product Management, Content Creator, and Graphic Designer. This will add to the roles that we have been focusing on for the past few years in the Demand Generation, Marketing Operations, Marketing Automation, Digital Marketing, and Marketing Executive space.

Geographically, where does the Marketing & Sales team recruit roles?

We’ve always orchestrated business nationally. A lot of our marketing and sales roles can sit remote or heavily hybrid. 80% of them are fully remote. Very few roles need to be on-site all five days of the week.

What specialties do the Marketing & Sales team members bring to the table?

We’ve built a foundation of knowledge and understanding of what the Marketing & Sales space really is. Not a lot of recruiting agencies focus on marketing and sales and we pride ourselves on that. Training on our team consists of understanding all areas of this space. So, when we begin to expand in 2023, we not only have the knowledge, but we’re familiar with the more granular roles within marketing departments. This builds trust in our team both internally and externally. You won’t get recruiters who are stretched too thin trying to learn the space.

Our team members all came in with valuable experience and an eagerness to learn and succeed in Marketing & Sales recruiting. For example, A.J. [Arcaini] came in with a background in HR and Talent Acquisition. He was able to work with a lot of different companies and understand the ins and outs of hiring internally. Carissa [Iacona] had a little bit of sales experience but was new to recruiting. She has since taken a big liking to the tech space, jumping in on podcasts and webinars to educate herself as much as she can. Madison [Foery] worked with product managers for a couple of years prior to coming to Green Key. She has really hit the ground running within the tech space and is always willing to get certified in any free tools available to her.

All of it together, combined with Ryan [Calpin]’s years of background and knowledge, creates a unique team that really knows what they’re doing in the space and can be trusted by their clients and candidates.

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