Happy Pride Month! While this label is officially reserved for the month of June, LGBTQ+ individuals should feel proud of themselves year-round, including in work settings. 

In celebration of Pride, several organizations have taken to social media to show their solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

But solidarity alone isn’t going to create safe workspaces for LGBTQ+ employees.

“In 2021, as you might imagine, simply piping the colors of the rainbow through your logo . . . simply isn’t going to cut it,” writes David Rice in his piece for the HR Exchange Network. “It really doesn’t do much to help advance equality for the population it claims to support or even institute any kind of meaningful change.”

Actions are far more valuable than words or graphics. That’s why many organizations are turning to their HR teams to embrace pride in more tangible ways.

For example, Burger King announced that for every chicken sandwich sold, it would make contributions to the Human Rights Commission. 

Similarly, Adidas developed Pride-themed footwear to support Athlete Ally, an organization whose mission is to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion in sports.

Other organizations are taking steps internally to educate employees on LGBTQ+ issues and build a more inclusive company culture. This is especially important for organizations with workforces that exist outside of the US, where it is more common to stand in support of these communities.

“Educating a global workforce is important as it creates a norm across geographic cultures that has to be established to build an inclusive workplace environment,” says Rice.

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