We chatted with Jenny Rehkugler, Executive Director on the Accounting & Finance Temp New York team. Jenny had previous experience in staffing and recruiting prior to joining Green Key, but has truly thrived in the finance environment in the last six years.   

Are there any changes or trends you’re noticing in temp hiring?  

Pre-covid, we were hiring for strictly temp positions, but now we’re focusing on a mix of both. Like the market, our team has evolved, and we are now able to support candidates in all aspects of their job searches for both temp and direct hire roles. Clients are becoming more flexible, and it’s been amazing to expand our team and be able to help a variety of candidates in a variety of ways.   

How did you get your start in temp recruiting?  

I studied Public Relations and Marketing  in college and when I graduated, I was looking for a direction in my job search. My cousin worked in recruiting, and she suggested I look into recruiting as a career because she knew how much I loved working with people. I took some calls and interviews and started my career in temp recruiting within the banking industry. After a little over a year at my previous firm, Green Key reached out for a conversation, and I decided to make the move and take on a new challenge with Finance & Accounting. I’ve been here for almost six years now and I’m so fortunate to have the work culture that senior management at Green Key has fostered. People stay here for long periods of time because their work truly doesn’t go unnoticed.  

Are there any roles in-demand right now?  

We work with a lot of law firms and legal billing positions are definitely in-demand. We’re always looking for these types of professionals. On the temp side, we see a mix of everything – Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Accountants, etc. As with any industry, the market ebbs and flows week by week.  

What are some advantages or perks of working temp jobs, specifically in finance?  

It gives us the ability to help unemployed candidates find work immediately while also assisting them in their long-term search for permanent roles. We are truly able to help candidates in a well-rounded capacity.   

What are your goals for the last quarter of the year?  

Within the team, we just want to finish the year off strong. Having the ability to work remotely, I would love to expand our reach to other markets outside of the New York area.

Green Key Unlocked: The Effect of Tech Layoffs

Companies such as Microsoft and Google have cut thousands of positions in the last few months. In an effort to prepare for a darker economy, there are new layoff announcements emerging from Big Tech every day.

Here’s Where to Look For News

In the fast moving world of alternatives, one of the challenges is not just staying on top of the financial news, but trying to be ahead.

There’s no shortage of information. Fund managers employ highly-paid analysts using sophisticated computer programs and artificial intelligence to sift through the firehose of news and data to detect actionable patterns and trends.

But when professionals (and more than a few investors) look for news about what others are doing, how they’re performing, competitors, and trends and developments in the world of alternatives, they rely on the many online blogs and publications to stay up-to-date.

Especially for newcomers to field, knowing which are the best, which are the must reads, is not easy. Just identifying blogs specific to alternatives is time-consuming. Fortunately, a few sites have done the work.

From the various lists, we pulled five that appear among the top on each of the sites we consulted. We’re not saying these are the best or the top sources for information about alternatives or hedge funds – though each is newsy, current and well trafficked. Make that decision yourself.

  • CNBC – Provides breaking and other news of the sector. Though many posts are limited to paid subscribers, articles are exclusive and detailed.
  • HedgeWeek – Part of the Global Fund Media Ltd. network focusing on hedge funds. Oriented toward providing industry news with multiple daily updates. Other features: newsletter, special reports, webinars.
  • Opalesque – In-depth and detailed news and commentary on hedge funds and alternatives. Well-regarded and highly knowledgeable, sponsors roundtable discussions among fund managers and investors discussing issues and trends. Limited free subscriptions.
  • Preqin.com – Not a traditional blog, but a data and research provider covering the full range of the alternatives sector. Some of the research is free to registered subscribers. Especially useful are quarterly reports and Preqin Insights posts.
  • Hedgeco.net – Its primary value lies in its database of hedge funds which includes detailed, if not always completely current, information about thousands of funds and managers. The sites includes some news of funds and managers. Free subscriptions are available.

Some others to review:

  • The Hedge Fund Journal – An online magazine of the industry.
  • Risk.net – Not exclusively about alternatives, the site covers risk management, derivatives and regulation with a section devoted to hedge funds.
  • AllAboutAlpha – This is the blog of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association. Not a news site, the blog includes a broad range of issue-type articles, analysis and commentary by a variety of industry professionals.
  • ManagedFunds.org – The blog of the Managed Funds Association, a trade group.
  • Hedge Fund Law Blog  A service of the Cole-Frieman & Mallon law firm.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash