As we bid farewell to another year, it’s time to reflect on the wealth of insights and wisdom our agency team has contributed to Green Key Unlocked. From their expert advice, to the trends they found most rewarding, our journey through the diverse tapestry of experiences has been both enriching and inspiring. Here’s to a year of shared wisdom, unique perspectives, and experiences that defined our agency in 2023.

Green Key Unlocked: The Effect of Tech Layoffs

While the recent layoffs at Spotify, Meta, and Amazon might seem daunting for those working in the industry, this isn’t to say tech opportunities are fading.

“Technology reaches far beyond the big names and is needed in almost every other field. These companies over-hired during COVID, and even with the layoffs, they are still larger than they were pre-pandemic. The IT workforce remains strong,” said Matt Schirano, a newly named Partner leading the Information Technology practice area at Green Key Resources. “Healthcare, finance, hospitality, retail, and other industries all require tech professionals to aid in their online presence and digital platforms.” 

Green Key Unlocked: Data Roles in IT

“Many companies are going to go through migrating their data to different databases and cloud services. This is bringing in roles focusing on security, analytics, and data science. Companies are looking for this expertise,” said Zach Miller, Technical Recruiter on the Information Technology team at Green Key. “The in-demand roles within data analytics and insights used to be more focused on A/B testing, statistical analysis, and tools like Excel. Now, the ability for an analyst to utilize languages like SQL and Python, are what our clients are looking for.” 

Zach suggests that prospective data candidates keep up with these industry trends. The healthcare sector, for instance, has the highest need for privacy and security, and is actively hiring for these roles. In terms of education, anything related to business, computer science, or mathematics is generally required…

Green Key Unlocked: Benefits of Travel Nursing

Victoria Ceballos, Recruiter on the Healthcare New York team at Green Key, mentions that travel nurses are less likely to experience burnout, while also gaining new experience to build their resume. “Every hospital and city functions differently, so they have to able to roll with the punches. But they also get exposed to a variety of different software, demographics, and caseloads as they float between floors.” 

Jon Danko, Director of the Healthcare New York team specializing in case management consulting, adds, “Hiring travel nurses eliminates the need to train someone new. They are seasoned and confident in their skills and are less likely to receive training. Adaptability is the most important trait in a travel nurse.” 

Green Key Unlocked: The Story of Green Key

When Matt KutinAndrew Chayut, and Robert Kahn, first founded Green Key Resources, they knew they didn’t want to name their staffing firm after themselves. “It was so much bigger than us,” Matt mentioned. “We wanted to separate ourselves from other firms where the owners are the face of the company.” 

After much deliberation, they settled upon the color green, which reflected success and freshness. The “key to success” and “resources” idea came naturally, as their goal was to support everyone’s needs at the firm, not just one person’s. 

Green Key Unlocked: Celebrating Pride in Recruitment

It’s important to remain proactive when recruiting potential new hires. For instance, if a candidate has questions on how their identity might effect their experience in the workplace, you must be ready to answer those questions appropriately…According to a survey by Handshake Network Trends, 53% of respondents in Generation Z agree or strongly agree that “they would not apply to a job or internship where they find an employer lacks diversity.” 

Director of Talent AcquisitionBrooke Stemen, elaborates on a crucial way that Green Key employs this practice. “We have woven equality into the Green Key Resources fibers by having nongendered parental leave policies,” she says.

Green Key Unlocked: The Future of Telemedicine & Virtual Healthcare

On May 11th, the COVID-19 pandemic Public Health Emergency (PHE) was declared over. Throughout the pandemic, the healthcare industry adapted to the many transitions and struggles needed in order to sustain emergency responses. One of many was the demand for new digital strategies, which has since resulted in telemedicine, at-home testing, and prescription deliveries. Digital health held a record-breaking year in 2021, banking $21.9 billion, but now that the PHE has come to an end, what is in store for telehealth?

Green Key Unlocked: Interview Tips & Etiquette

Dara Webman, Executive Director in Legal Support at Green Key, says, “Listen carefully, only answer the questions you’re asked and maintain clear, honest communication throughout. It is important to be truthful and present both strengths and weaknesses.  It is not necessary to embellish your skills. Clients are attracted to candidates who present capabilities or expertise as well as areas for growth.” 

Don’t be afraid to ask your own questions. This is important to encourage additional conversation and find out answers to questions that will help the decision-making process.  

Green Key Unlocked: How to Succeed in Payroll Management

As National Payroll Appreciation Week continues on, we wanted to outline the trajectory and career path it takes to succeed in Payroll Management. Many begin as a Payroll Clerk and work their way up to Payroll Manager or Supervisor. But what are the necessary skills and experience needed to grow in this field? We listed what employers are truly looking for when hiring Payroll professionals:

Bachelor’s Degree or certificate

Payroll systems and experience

Compliance knowledge

Additional hard and soft skills

Green Key Unlocked: Mastering Your Healthcare Interview

Staying in the same vein as preparing for success in a tech interview, let’s take a look at how to prepare for a Healthcare interview. Like in the tech industry, landing your dream job in the competitive world of healthcare can be challenging. However, with the right mindset, and through preparation, you too can emerge victorious… Elizabeth Stoler, Principal at Green Key leading the Healthcare New York team stressed the importance of thoroughly preparing for interviews by saying, “The best approach I always tell my candidates to use is to look at the job description for the position you are applying for and have ways you know you have done this job ready to go.” She went on to say, “If you haven’t done every aspect, have examples of similar responsibilities to highlight your skills. Study for every interview!”

Green Key Unlocked: Navigating a Career Transition to Analytics

In the ever-evolving job market, career transitions have become increasingly common. Many professionals have been exploring opportunities for career transitions to the dynamic and high-demand field of data and business analytics. But what does it take to successfully make this career change? Well, we caught up with Justin Nadelman, Director on the I.T., New York team to get some insight into the skills needed to successfully switch careers… Justin noted, “Clients are looking for professionals who have a mix of analytical, technical and soft skills. Additionally, knowledge of cloud-based technology is now in demand.”

Green Key Unlocked: Soft Skills Recruiters Should Have in the Age of AI

There’s no doubt that AI has transformed the recruitment industry by streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. However, it highlights the importance of recruiters being able to connect and evaluate candidates on a human level. In this article, we explored some of the soft skills that recruiters need to amplify in the age of AI.

The Top 20 Best Cities for Tech Jobs

What’s the hottest job market for tech talent?

Purely by the number of jobs posted, that would be the San Francisco Bay Area. Between San Jose at the southern end of the bay and San Francisco at the Golden Gate to the north, companies posted 303,466 IT jobs, according to CompTIA’s Tech Town Index.

In sheer numbers, the other metro areas in the Index pale in comparison. Only Washington, D.C. and Dallas come close, posting, respectively, 260,000 and 178,579 jobs in the year ending July 31.

If volume was all there was to consider, then Austin, Texas wouldn’t hold the top position on the Tech Town Index. But it does, because the annual report, as CompTIA explains, “Points IT pros in the direction of where opportunity intersects with affordability and quality of life across the United States.”

With a cost of living far below that of Silicon Valley, and 4% below the national average, Austin’s affordability is 4th among the 20 metro areas included in the Tech Town Index. “That’s a bonus for IT pros who earn a median salary of $87,880 here,” says the report.

Austin is also booming. In 2019 58 tech companies relocated to the metro area bringing with them 4,648 jobs. Collectively, the 5,500 startups and tech firms posted 68,323 jobs in the 12 months covered by the report.

Right behind Austin is Dallas. Between the 2019 and 2020 CompTIA reports, the number of advertised tech positions increased by 22%. Total jobs are projected to grow at 3% next year and, in 5 years, by 11% to 190,000. With a cost of living 2% below the national average, a median tech salary of $94,044 and a vibrant night life and sports teams “tech professionals are finding opportunity and quality of life in Dallas,.” the report says.

Most of the metro areas on the list are familiar tech centers. Seattle, Boston, the Research Triangle metro areas of Raleigh and Durham-Chapel Hill, Denver and Silicon Valley’s San Jose and San Francisco are all represented, the latter two in 4th and 7th place despite their high cost of living.

Some less well-known tech areas such as Madison, Wisconsin and Huntsville, Alabama, home of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, also made the list.

Trenton, New Jersey, which had been among the top 20 metros on the Index in 2018, then fell off a year later, returned in the recent report ranking 20th. “Advertising for nearly 13,000 technology jobs in the past 12 months, the tech economy is on the rise,” the report notes, “and the city’s location is the biggest draw. Located in central New Jersey on the Delaware River, Trenton is easily accessible to both New York and Philadelphia.”