#WeAreGreenKey: Spotlight on Mary Baynard

Welcome back to #WeAreGreenKey, where we shine a spotlight on our powerhouse recruiting team.  

We sat down this week with Mary Baynard, Recruiting Manager on the Professional Support team at Green Key. Mary received a BFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. After acting for a few years, she moved on to the casting industry, where she became a casting director for theatre and film. Mary joined Green Key in June 2021 and was promoted to Manager only a year later. She is excited to continue growing at Green Key. 

How did you first get your start in recruiting? 

Reilly Hickey actually recruited me. Like her, I was in casting as well, but on the Broadway side of things. I got to work on some Tony-nominated projects, as well as some stuff in London and Washington D.C. It was really fun, but I was ready to look for the next step. Reilly, who had previously been my intern, was telling me about her new job in recruiting. It was a crazy leap, but I knew I wanted to try it. 

How do you think your skillset from casting aligns with recruiting? 

Honestly, recruiting is casting for corporations. It’s a similar skillset, but with a different pool. I used to match actors with projects. Now I match candidates with careers. I worked freelance and bounced around projects, so agency recruiting felt like secondhand nature. 

What do you love about recruiting for Professional Support/Human Resources? 

I think people underestimate how hard these jobs are. Depending on what industry or client you’re hiring for, there are so many different skillsets that are required. It takes years working your way through the rungs of corporate America to get to the higher level, C-suite positions. I love being able to help a recent grad find their first job, while also helping more experienced candidates advance their careers. 

What keeps you coming back to recruiting every day? 

I love helping people, whether it’s helping a candidate switch careers or hit six figures. When candidates come back and give me referrals, that’s also what keeps me coming back. People will remember you being honest with them. 

How does your team work together and maintain communication? 

It’s tough, but we make it work. Clare [Wright] and Steph [Wetton] are the best of the best in the business. They keep all the cogs running in a team that is mostly new. I’m so honored that they promoted me. When you’re working with great people, communication is second nature. Clare and Steph are just a wealth of knowledge, and they’re completely approachable. My training was quick, but it was very hands-on, and they gave me many different strategies to pull from. It’s amazing to have accessibility from people who are seasoned and experienced.   

What are your new goals now that you’ve been promoted? 

I’ve started taking on the client side, which I really love. It gives you more insight into the needs of the company than just working on the candidate side. I’m also really looking forward to helping new hires learn the recruiting process. Now that I know more about the job, it’s nice to support my team when we bring on new recruiters. 

What sets Green Key apart from other staffing agencies? 

As fast as we work, there’s a care here around helping candidates. I think that’s why people come back time and time again. 

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