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We recently met up with Lucas Leitenberger, Account Executive on the Architecture, Engineering and Construction team at Green Key. Lucas started his career at our firm in 2022, after having worked in the recruiting industry for 2 years. As a seasoned staffing industry professional, he now works with clients and candidates in the Pennsylvania and Ohio markets.

How did you first get started in Architecture and Engineering recruiting?

I originally started working as a construction recruiter with another recruiting agency. From there I saw early success and was promoted to an architecture sales position that focused on contract to hire basis in the Pittsburgh market. Since I made the transition to Green Key, I’ve been able to run a business of my own with an increased territory in Pennsylvania & Ohio.

What motivated you to pursue a career in this niche?

Architecture is something that I sincerely find interesting. I was never talented enough to be much of a designer/drawer, so I have such a profound respect for the creatives that make our built environment come to life. This role allows me to utilize my sales skills while also working within an industry I have interest in.

What have been some of the most rewarding aspects of your career?

I saw a report that said 20 to 25% of your life is spent at your workplace. So, I think the least that you could really ask is that you’re fairly compensated and comfortable in a place where you spend a quarter of your time. Many candidates we talk to mention the issues of being overworked or underpaid. So, it has been really rewarding to help change someone’s well-being by placing them into a role where they feel appreciated and fairly compensated.

How do you identify and attract top talent in the Architecture and Engineering fields?

We use LinkedIn heavily, there’s a lot of communication, a lot of marketing, and a lot of interactions within our community there. So, it’s always been important to be active on the site.  When targeting potential candidates, we are looking for good tenure.  On average an architect makes a move every 3 1/2 to four years.  It’s also excellent if you’re licensed – this opens a whole new world of opportunities for you like increased pay and more flexibility.

How do you stay updated on industry trends and developments to better serve your clients and candidates?

We stay involved in current events and news articles and have emerged ourselves into the design communities we support. I think the best way to stay up to date on trends is to talk to the people in the field experiencing them. My team and I are constantly networking with candidates/clients in all design disciplines each day. This way, we get a good feel for how the market is trending in live action.

What are some key factors that clients typically consider when selecting candidates for Architecture and Engineering positions?

I would say it’s similar to how we look for top talent, we look at tenure and also in my industry they like to see a portfolio. Having your portfolio put together and ready to roll is just as important as your resume.

2024 marks 20 years of Green key and how would you describe your experience since starting here?

It’s been wonderful. My quality of life has increased. It’s awesome to have that flexibility here at home to be able to see my little one intermittently between calls/meetings. This has also been a great move for me in a sense of success and building trust with my clients and candidates in this territory. I’ve been given the autonomy to build things the way that I see fit, and I’m respected as an architecture expert in my market. I’ve also had the opportunity to see my team grow, we just added more recruiting partners and hope to add more by the end of the year. We have big plans for the coming years and are looking forward to continuing to provide an impact for our partners.

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