Once we hit the start of summer, many organizations offer a variety of different summer hours and schedules. By offering employees a more flexible experience between Memorial and Labor Day, the goal is to increase work-life balance, company morale, and retention. Because summer generally results in a slowdown in consumer activity, offering flexible hours allows professionals to spend more time with family and enjoy the warmer months without production taking a hit.

Types of Summer Hours

There are a few different ways that businesses can present summer hours to their employees. One of the most popular being “half-day Fridays,” where everyone finishes up work mid-day every Friday during the summer. Other companies offer a set number of Fridays off. For instance, if three full Fridays off are offered during the summer, employees can choose which Fridays they’d like to take. Another option is the potential to work an extra hour a day Monday-Thursday, with the intention of having every Friday completely free. Lastly, companies that work fully in-office will often offer Fridays as a remote-work day during the summer.

Benefits of Summer Hours

Work-Life Balance and Flexibility – Paid time off during the summer allows employees to plan vacations, spend more time with their kids while they are out of school, and generally enjoy the mental and physical benefits of being outside in the sun. Schedules during the summer become significantly easier when offering flexible hours. It also increases a sense of morale, as employees won’t feel chained to their desk during the mid-year slump.

Increase in productivity – Like with any flexible work model, summer hours usually lead to an increase in productivity. Employees tend to get more work done and focus harder when they know they can leave earlier or have an extra day off.

Reduce stress – When your staff feels they have more time to get things done in their personal lives, it takes a weight off their shoulders and reduces stress in the workplace.

Employee trust – Offering summer hours or Summer Fridays lets your employees know that you trust them to address their responsibilities, while still getting to enjoy themselves outside of work. This creates a level of respect between employees and managers, which ultimately leads to a more engaged and communicative workforce.

Green Key is proud to offer Summer Fridays, along with remote and hybrid schedules throughout the year. If you are looking for a flexible, yet trusting work environment, check out our open jobs!