Get out the Windex, grab some paper towels and start cleaning. Scrub the top of your desk. Dust the stuff before you put it back. If you have shelves in your cubicle or office, take everything down and clean.

It’s National Clean Off Your Desk Day so get busy.

Don’t skimp on this. Starting with a clean, cleared off desktop, put things back one at a time, weighing as you go whether you really need to keep it all. Toss those notes you took during last year’s staff meetings. The junk mail you’ve been saving because it looks like it just might be interesting isn’t, so into the recycling bin with it all. (Yes, we’re also talking about cleaning your home office and the junk there, too.)

Outdated documents, reports of no use, all get recycled or shredded. If you’ve been hanging on to something because it might be of some use, stop kidding yourself. If you haven’t thought about it for weeks, you don’t need it. It’s just clutter.

Don’t forget desk drawers. They get full of pens, paper clips, candy wrappers and miscellany. The pens and office supplies you don’t need return to the supply room. Organize the rest.

The filing you’ve been meaning to get to, get to it today. This cleanup of files also goes for all the emails on your computer. Delete anything in your inbox that’s older than this morning. Sound too radical? Here’s a secret: Until you empty your delete folder it’s still there. And even when you do, if you absolutely, positively must recover something, it’s almost guaranteed a copy exists on the company mail server. If Google is your email service (as it is for millions of businesses), Gmail keeps your email practically forever.

Now that everything is clean and fresh and organized, try keeping it that way. National Clean Off Your Desk only comes around once a year.


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How to Help Ukraine

Over the last several weeks, the leadership team at Green Key Resources has been watching the horrifying events unfold in Ukraine and discussing how we as a community can help. This has been a topic of great concern for many within Green Key Resources, with our clients, our candidates, and the world at large. 

With that in mind, we’ve gathered some information about organizations that are directly helping the people of Ukraine during this ongoing crisis.  

Thank you to our compassionate community for sharing their time and resources to aid the millions of Ukrainians suffering because of Russia’s war on Ukraine. 

5 Organizations Helping Ukraine Now: 

  • World Central Kitchen 


Green Key has made a corporate contribution to this organization. WCK is providing meals to families impacted by the conflict across Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova, and Hungary. 

  • International Rescue Committee 


This organization is one many at Green Key Resources have close to their hearts. Over 3.5 million refugees have been forced to flee Ukraine. The IRC is sending vital supplies to displaced children and families. 

  • Razom for Ukraine 


Razom has set up an emergency response to help and support the people of Ukraine by providing critical medical supplies and amplifying the voices of Ukrainians.  

  • Global Giving 


Global Giving has started a Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund that provides water, food, shelter, as well as health and psychosocial care to Ukrainian refugees.  

  • Doctors Without Borders 


Doctors Without Borders provides medical care during humanitarian crises and has workers in Ukraine and its neighboring countries to provide medical care and resources during the ongoing conflict.  

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