Preparing for remote interviews takes additional consideration and preparation, but especially in the field of tech. Prior to remote work, it was generally enough if you could highlight your talents through certifications and coding assessments. Nowadays, it’s crucial to align your personality to the company culture, especially if you’ll be working from home. Zach Miller, Tech Recruiter on the Information Technology team at Green Key, reiterates the importance of proving yourself as a strong remote employee in the tech field. 

He says, “When I am interviewing candidates, many people leave it at ‘I prefer working remotely’ and don’t expand much on that. Those who work in tech may think that’s all you really need, as most of your job is completed individually on a computer, but that’s not the case. IT workers need to treat these behavioral interviews just as important as the technical rounds. Interviewers want to understand and see your work from home style, and make sure it is a good fit for their company and team.” 

How to Prepare

To feel confident in these types of interviews, Zach suggests preparing for the interviewer’s questions as if they are all in a remote setting, while also integrating your in-person experiences as well. Your interviewer wants to see that you can not only solve problems in an office, but virtually as well. “A good interviewer will try to see how you handle working remotely and in-person to determine if you are just as valuable working remotely as you would be if you were to work in the office. Every company is different, and that is why it is so crucial to do your research ahead of time,” Zach mentions. 

Zach also elaborates on the impact of researching the company ahead of time. Proving that you’ve gone the extra step to learn the company’s mission and values not only makes you stand out, but emphasizes your interest in the role.

Do your research

“Research is the base for every other aspect in a behavioral interview. Not every company has the same culture and/or collaboration methods, and you want your answers to reflect their company values. The last thing you want to do is ask a question about the company that is easily found on their website. You can discover these values through their company website, but you can even go a step further by connecting with a current employee at the company and asking them what working at said company is like. If there are still things unknown, that is where you should ask further questions during your interview,” he says. Through all of this, you will be proving your ability to communicate and how those skills match the company culture. 

If you work in tech, don’t overlook the importance of behavioral interviews, especially when working remotely. Your personality and ability to adapt will always make you stand out in these remote roles. If you’re interested in a job in tech, or want to advance your career, contact one of Green Key’s talented tech recruiters today!  

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