Two years ago, many of our jobs went fully remote and now, two years later, many have remained as such. While the flexibility and advantages of working from home are great, virtual work can also lead to burnout. Distraction, excessive screen time, and even loneliness can take a toll on anyone. To beat that fatigue many remote professionals are experiencing, we’ve put together some quick tips to keep in mind while working from home. 

Create a comfortable workspace 

While working from your bed may seem tempting, it’s going to hurt you in the long run. Investing in an ergonomic chair that will support your back, as well as a desk with optimal organizational space, will lead to a clearer head throughout the workday and increased productivity. It is also suggested to keep anything you may need, such as pens or a blue light glasses, within arm’s reach to decrease neck strain.  

Get up and walk around 

Not having physical meetings can cause us to forget to get up and move. To prevent this, look for ways to add movement throughout your day. This also gives your eyes a little break from the screen as well. Between important tasks and meetings, set alarms reminding you to get up. Ten minutes of walking around the house, or even some light stretching, will boost your energy and release some endorphins.  

Don’t skip out on lunch 

In addition to movement, it’s easy to forget to eat as well. U.S. News elaborates, saying, “Without fuel for energy, your brain won’t perform well and you’ll feel sluggish and tired, exacerbating your work-from-home fatigue. With this in mind, plan ahead for consistent times you’ll eat breakfast, lunch and – if you’re working late – dinner. Don’t wait too long to refuel with nutritious snacks such as apples, carrot sticks, nuts, yogurt or string cheese.” Remember that taking care of yourself is necessary to prevent burnout – you always come first.  

Create boundaries between work and home 

This is one of the biggest causes of work from home fatigue. When you work in the same place you live, it’s easy to blend both lives together. Your brain needs to differentiate between the two in order to relax and unplug at the end of the day. It may seem tempting, and even comfortable, to remain in your pajamas all day, but getting dressed in the morning sends a message that it’s time to switch to work mode. TeamBuilding.com also suggests separating where you work from the rest of the house, if possible. They say, “Separating office space from living space and cultivating a healthy work life balance is a key to sanity. When borders break down and your work from home hygiene gets lax, re-introduce boundaries.” Try not to work near your bed or couch, as the mind associates these things with “off hours.” When it’s time to log off, you want your rest areas to be just that.  

To consider a hybrid work schedule, which can also prevent remote fatigue, check out one of our latest blogs here!  

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