A good night’s sleep is important for almost every factor in your daily life, including your mental and physical health. However, it’s especially necessary to maintain your work performance and productivity throughout the day. While sleep deprivation may cause you to nod off at your desk, alternatively, stress and difficult work schedules can affect your ability to fall asleep at night. 

Having a good sense of sleep hygiene can help prevent these possible occurrences. With more energy throughout the day, you’ll be able to recharge at night and support a healthy work-life balance for yourself.  

Set fixed times and routines 

Although this may be difficult, try to go to bed and wake up every day at the same time. Your body will eventually adjust to the routine. Additionally, it’s advisable to set down your phone or any blue light device approximately 30 minutes prior to bedtime. This will give your mind the chance to unwind and will reinforce that it’s time to shut down.

Should you wake up in the middle of the night, try not to check the time on your phone. This will only make you anxious thinking about how many hours left in the night you have. 

Create a comfortable atmosphere 

Your mattress, blankets, and pillows all play a key role in sleep hygiene. Choosing products that morph to and support your body will aid in a better night’s sleep. Also, a cool temperature around 65 degrees, as well as using heavy curtains to block out light, will prevent any sleep disruptions throughout the night. Many people find calming scents, such as lavender from a diffuser or pillow spray, can create a more serene setting as well.  

Adapt to healthy habits during the day 

More often than not, what you do throughout the day affects your ability to sleep at night. The Sleep Foundation suggests getting as much sunlight as possible. They stress, “Light, especially sunlight, is one of the key drivers of circadian rhythms that can encourage quality sleep.” They also suggest consuming lower volumes of nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine, all of which can disrupt or prevent sleep.  

Speak to a doctor, if necessary 

Sometimes, even if you try all the recommended remedies, you just can’t sleep. If you find yourself in this position, set up an appointment with a licensed professional. 

Stronger sleep hygiene is always going to improve your overall wellbeing, in addition to your work-life balance and productivity in the workplace. Always listen to your mind and body and learn what it may need. And if a new job or career change is in your future, don’t hesitate to contact one of Green Key’s talented recruiters!