Finding the perfect candidate for a role can be challenging. But once you do, your job as a recruiter or hiring manager doesn’t stop there. The way you offer the job can often be the deciding factor for the candidate. As the Great Resignation continues, and working professionals know they have options, consider the tips below for creating an attractive job offer and aiding in their decision-making process.  

Maintain communication 

Even if there aren’t any updates, keep close contact with your candidate. Many professionals will assume you are no longer interested in them if they don’t hear back. LinkedIn suggests touching base at least once a week, whether there is news or not. They say, “Provide a realistic sense of when you expect to make a decision, but don’t disappear into a black hole. Even if there is no update, let candidates know explicitly that that is the case.” 

Move quickly 

We recently published a blog post detailing the importance of hiring efficiently in a candidate’s market. The speed of the interview process is crucial. Moving too slowly is causing candidates to feel unappreciated and find opportunities elsewhere. To prevent this, recruiters and hiring managers should be providing same day feedback and scheduling interviews close together.  

Discuss compensation early 

Candidates are obviously very interested in salary. If possible, be honest from the beginning of what kind of compensation the role provides. LionStep reiterates, “The compensation can be a factor that sets you apart from other job offers, especially within areas where there are multiple employers with similar work cultures.” You don’t want to lose a great candidate by not being transparent on one of the most important factors of the role.  

Sell the company culture 

In a time when professionals are leaving companies based on underrepresentation, it’s important to showcase the company’s diversity and inclusion. You really want to stress the opportunities for advancement and leadership, especially for women and people of color.  

Be personal 

Last and certainly not least, be sure to make the entire process personal to your candidate. When presenting the job offer, it’s better to call, rather than email. Your positive reaction to the news will affect their own response. Candidates want to hear the excitement in your voice, as this separates them from other candidates who did not get an offer. After the call, a written offer should be sent as well, with an additional congratulations.  

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May 3, 2024

Introducing the New GKR Website: Explore What’s Inside!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new website, designed to revolutionize the recruitment process. Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking your next big opportunity, an employer scouting for top talent, or simply curious about the world of recruitment, our new website is here to elevate your experience and open doors to endless possibilities.

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