Encouraging growth opportunities in the workplace is crucial for employee retention. Providing professional development, training, and mentorship shouldn’t just start and end at onboarding. In a time when many are leaving careers for jobs more suited to their needs, it’s important to consider how you’re treating, and advancing, your employees.  

To guide you in the right direction, we’ve outlined a number of ways you can provide growth opportunities for your employees and maintain retention.  

Mentorship and coaching 

We recently posted an article stressing the importance of mentorship in the workplace, featuring a couple of Green Key’s own employees and their experience. Many professionals find that they respond better to open lines of communication, rather than demands. Being able to learn directly from someone who has years of experience, and build your goals and expectations together, helps both employees to grow from each other.  

Learning Management Systems (LMS) 

An LMS is an online training platform that aids professional development. Glassdoor describes the benefits by saying, “Rather than investing valuable time training new hires or working one-on-one on redundant training programs, businesses can utilize LMS software to move that training into an eLearning platform. Not only does LMS software streamline the employee training, but it allows the organization to deliver consistent material and uphold their quality assurance.” Essentially, an LMS enhances training by providing continuous resources and materials for employees throughout their time at the company.

Follow-ups and feedback  

Always remember to maintain check-ins with your employees. This allows them the opportunity to ask questions, determine room for improvement or goals, and discuss any concerns they may have. Indeed says, “Hearing constructive criticism is an important part of learning what areas you need to improve. Even getting positive feedback is beneficial, as it boosts your self-confidence and helps you realize what your strengths are.”  

Recognition and rewards 

Recognizing employees for their exceptional work can aid in motivation. During The Great Resignation, many professionals felt underappreciated, and their efforts went unnoticed. When employees feel valued in their roles, their loyalty to the company and work performance increases. Try to create an encouraging environment for your employees – they will surely notice, and reciprocate the respect. 

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