You probably have a LinkedIn profile. Almost every working professional these days has one! In order to job search, network, and communicate, it has become a necessity in the corporate world. Formatting your LinkedIn profile is one of the earliest steps to tackle when job hunting. It is often the first reflection of yourself that employers and recruiters see, sometimes even before your resume. In a 2020 survey by Jobvite, 70% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet their job candidates. So, it’s important to make tailor your profile to the exact jobs and companies you’re actively seeking.  

How Recruiters Find You on LinkedIn 

First things first. How do recruiters find you on LinkedIn? By searching specific keywords, such as job titles and headlines, they can generate results through LinkedIn’s advanced algorithm. According to Jobscan, “A recruiter is likely to begin their search with specific job titles, and candidates with a matching job title in their headline and experience headings will appear higher in results.” This can also be said of the “Skills & Endorsements” section of LinkedIn profiles. The stronger your keywords match their search, the more likely you’ll appear in their search. For example, if you’ve noticed many of the jobs you’re applying for require “proficiency in Salesforce,” make sure “Salesforce” is referenced in your skills.  

Additionally, recruiters can find you based on your location or network. LinkedIn allows them to curate their search through proximity and profile connections. Always include your current location at the top of your profile. If you are willing to relocate, Jobscan also instructs, “When logged into LinkedIn, click “Jobs” in the top navigation bar. Then, click ‘Career interests’ under the search bar to update your location preferences and other settings.” 

Tailoring to the Right Roles and Recruiters 

We recently published an article explaining how to format your resume, but doing so with your LinkedIn profile is just as key. First and foremost, LinkedIn themselves advises on the importance of your target audience.  

This can be taken into account with your intro section and summary. Your desired industry and location should be updated at all times. In your summary, LinkedIn recommends, “Explain how you’re different by showcasing your key skills, and how you want to impact, contribute, and add value. Focus not only on what you do, but also why it matters and your “superpowers” (i.e. key strengths that differentiate you.) To really stand out, consider adding a personal mission statement or leadership purpose statement.” 

When considering the type of roles you want, be sure to display the relevant work you’ve accomplished. Recruiters are not just interested in your recent job titles; they also want to see the results you’ve achieved and impact you’ve had on work projects. Including links, visuals, and portfolios to emphasize your skills will attract the attention of more recruiters.  

Let Recruiters Know You’re Searching 

This might seem obvious, but job seekers often forget to adjust their profile settings. LinkedIn allows users to appear “open to job opportunities” to recruiters without anyone at their current company being aware of this. Remember to adjust this setting in your account when actively job searching.  

Your LinkedIn is a chance to set yourself apart from other professionals. Tailoring your profile accordingly, even when you’re not currently seeking a new job, will keep you ahead of the game. You never know when the right set of circumstances could come your way.  

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May 3, 2024

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