Staffing and recruiting is more than just filling jobs. The people behind this profession are motivated and attentive, with a drive to feel rewarded. Many recruiters assert that helping someone find the perfect job is extremely fulfilling, both emotionally and financially. On top of that, the environment allows one to build long-lasting relationships, while also working on a collaborative team.  

Recruiting can “fill your cup” in more ways than one  

If you’re a social person, becoming a recruiter is an ideal career path. The job itself is very stimulating. The type of people you meet and speak to will vary, allowing for endless professional relationships and future opportunities. In addition, every day as a recruiter will look different. Because you’re able to work on various tasks throughout the day, this is not a job where you will simply be “going through the motions.” Brooke Stemen, Director of Internal Recruiting at Green Key, describes recruiting as, “It’s sales, but you’re selling something everyone needs.” 

The financial perk of recruiting is not to be overlooked. Earning commission is unique; unlike most jobs where your salary never changes, your income as a recruiter is what you make it. Recruiter.com says, “There are virtually unlimited positions for recruiters, which means there are unlimited potential earning opportunities. This career path is perfect for those who are not afraid to work hard and be self-motivated to succeed.” 

Lack of experience will not set you back 

Recruiting is a career that compensates you based on your production, rather than how long you’ve been working. You do not need several years on your resume in order to shine; many recruiters find success early on with strong motivation and positive attitudes. Stemen says, “If you can swim in the fast lane, you can really jump start your career.”  

Additionally, a master’s degree is not required to become a recruiter, making it a prime opportunity for those who cannot afford to go back to school, but still want a lucrative career. A strong recruiting career can begin right out of undergrad. 

Why agency recruiting can improve your skill set 

Agency recruiting incubates very skilled recruiters. It may be more demanding than internal recruiting, but it can advance your journey in the long run. “If these roles were easy to fill, companies would fill them internally and not use staffing firms,” mentions Stemen. Because you are filling niche roles for multiple organizations at any given time, you must learn how to adjust your strategy for each client and opening. This ability will only make you a stronger recruiter.  

Staffing and recruiting will always have its advantages that set it apart from other industries. Working on a team, while simultaneously growing independently, allows you to gain new skills and build a fulfilling professional career. If you’re considering this path, visit our Internal Jobs page today to get started! 

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Get Out the Windex and Clean Your Desk

Get out the Windex, grab some paper towels and start cleaning. Scrub the top of your desk. Dust the stuff before you put it back. If you have shelves in your cubicle or office, take everything down and clean.

It’s National Clean Off Your Desk Day so get busy.

Don’t skimp on this. Starting with a clean, cleared off desktop, put things back one at a time, weighing as you go whether you really need to keep it all. Toss those notes you took during last year’s staff meetings. The junk mail you’ve been saving because it looks like it just might be interesting isn’t, so into the recycling bin with it all. (Yes, we’re also talking about cleaning your home office and the junk there, too.)

Outdated documents, reports of no use, all get recycled or shredded. If you’ve been hanging on to something because it might be of some use, stop kidding yourself. If you haven’t thought about it for weeks, you don’t need it. It’s just clutter.

Don’t forget desk drawers. They get full of pens, paper clips, candy wrappers and miscellany. The pens and office supplies you don’t need return to the supply room. Organize the rest.

The filing you’ve been meaning to get to, get to it today. This cleanup of files also goes for all the emails on your computer. Delete anything in your inbox that’s older than this morning. Sound too radical? Here’s a secret: Until you empty your delete folder it’s still there. And even when you do, if you absolutely, positively must recover something, it’s almost guaranteed a copy exists on the company mail server. If Google is your email service (as it is for millions of businesses), Gmail keeps your email practically forever.

Now that everything is clean and fresh and organized, try keeping it that way. National Clean Off Your Desk only comes around once a year.


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