If you are considering temporary work, you are not alone. Many people find themselves in a position to work a temp or contact role at some point in their professional career. Whether you’ve been recently laid off, you just graduated college, or life changes have occurred, it’s increasingly common to search an alternative to permanent work. So don’t shy away from this opportunity, as many companies hire and appreciate temporary staff. If you’re still weary, we’ve listed a few perks to temp and contract roles that might change your outlook.

Continuous employment on your resume 

If you’re nervous about gaps in your resume, temporary work will fill those in. While employers understand resume gaps, having something in between permanent roles shows your initiative to continue learning and growing professionally. Not only will it keep you getting paid, but it will make you stand out from other employees down the line. Remaining consistent in the workforce is noticeable to employers.

Testing different industries 

One of the best parts about working temp or contract roles is that you get the change to experiment in different industries. This lets you learn what you do and don’t like professionally. For example, if you work administration, there are a variety of industries to sample, such as healthcare or marketing, before landing on one that works best for you and your skills.

Gain new experience and skills 

While you’re testing out these new industries, you’re also gaining valuable skills and experience that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Every company and organization does things different, and uses a various technology, so you might get exposed to new platforms and databases along the way. This can come in handy when you’re eventually applying for a permanent position that requires a specific skill, making you more desirable to a recruiter or hiring manager.

Expanding your professional network 

Building your professional network, and getting the chance to connect with people from different industry, will prove to be worth it in the future. The stronger relationships you maintain, the higher chance you have to find more work. According to Forbes, “You can build and expand your professional network while working temporary jobs. And the contacts you make can be of use to help you find out about more job opportunities, as well as function as your references for future applications.”

Possible lead to permanent employment 

Lastly, and most importantly, working a temporary job can possibly lead to permanent employment. A short-term role gets your foot in the door and the opportunity to learn and establish yourself within a company. If you prove to be a reliable, teachable employee, they might just consider taking you on for the long run. This works out in your favor, as well as theirs, as you would already be trained as a new employee.

Think temp or contract work is for you?

If this type of work seems appealing to you, don’t hesitate to contact an amazing Green Key recruiter! We recruit for several temp and contract roles that just might be your next move!

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