Welcome to #WeAreGreenKey, where we shine a spotlight on the people behind our powerhouse recruiting team.

In this week’s installment, we catch up Alexa Perrone, Associate Recruiter on the Accounting + Finance team. Perrone started her recruiting career earlier this year and joined Green Key this past September. As a strong addition to the Accounting + Finance team, she shared with us her dedication for recruiting.

What inspired you to pursue a career in recruitment?

Recruiting is the perfect balance of a grind and goodwill. You are helping candidates find career opportunities best for them and their dreams, while being granted endless opportunities to make a lot of money. It’s rewarding and fulfilling in every aspect you can think of! In recruiting, you’re constantly growing professionally and embracing new challenges, so you’re never bored and always evolving.

What sets Green Key apart from other recruiting firms?

Green Key Resources truly cares about their people. They value celebrating the highs, helping you back up during the lows and truly support flexibility and the general well-being of the GKR community. They’re a people-first company in a people-first industry, and you can feel the magic every day. Whether you’re a candidate, client or GKR employee, you know you’re in the very best hands within the industry.

Where has your team provided service that is hard to match from an internal hiring team?

The AF Temp Team is a force to be reckoned with. The talent they display every day between their creativity, attention to detail and hustle, I truly believe any team from any company has a hard time matching this team’s passion.

What are the next steps for candidates interested in expanding their Accounting + Finance job search? 

Connect with me on Linkedin, where I regularly post new positions in Accounting + Finance! Also, check out our Job board for all open roles!

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Jun 6, 2023

Thank You To Receptionists For Everything You Do

We take time out today to recognize the work of those who answer the phones, who continue to staff front desks at medical facilities and essential businesses across the country and who are the face of our businesses to visitors and callers.

Today, National Receptionists Day, we say Thank You for all that you do.   


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