Welcome to #WeAreGreenKey, where we shine a spotlight on the people behind our powerhouse recruiting team. 

In this week’s installment, Amy Raymond sheds a little insight on her experience at Green Key in the last eight years. Raymond is a Senior Recruiter on the Professional Support team and values both her clients and candidates.  

What inspired you to pursue a career in recruitment? 

When I was looking for a job 15 years ago and getting no response, I thought if someone spoke with me (as opposed to just looking at a resume), what a difference it would make. I thought if I were ever to become a Recruiter that I would make sure to follow up, communicate, and be open; to not leave anyone wondering the reason for no follow up/feedback. 

What sets Green Key apart from other recruiting firms? 

Being genuine and honest – having a team that supports one another! 

Where has the Professional Support team provided service that is hard to match from an internal hiring team? 

I think we have excellent follow-up and dig deep for information with hiring managers. 

What are the next steps for candidates interested in expanding their Professional Support job search? 

Connect with me on LinkedIn and check out our Jobs board, where we regularly post new Professional Support opportunities! 

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