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This week we sat down with Karlina Cordero, Human Resources Coordinator at Green Key. Karlina joined the company in 2019 and has since been a key player for both her team and the rest of the organization. She shared her admiration for Green Key’s ability to adapt to changes and listen to their employees, while also setting new goals for herself within the realm of HR. 

How did you first get started in HR?  

After I graduated in 2018 with a Communications degree, I was looking into the field of HR because I knew it went hand in hand. Being involved in the communication aspect of a company was very attractive to me. I was looking into different industries when I found Green Key. Their company mission was a match with how I felt and what I needed in a career. I had never worked at a staffing agency before, but I saw there was a place for me here. In the realm of HR, you’re able to help teams achieve their goals, while also representing a company and their values. So, when I came to Green Key in 2019, I was drawn in by the flexibility of my position and its potential for growth. 

What does the work of an Office Coordinator entail?  

My help is required in many aspects of the company. I assist Angela on projects or requests from other teams. We have the flexibility to participate in different things throughout the year, which I love. For the most part, it’s administrative work and assisting on the movement of different projects. I can be working with the Healthcare team one day, and then Pharma the next. 

What is your favorite aspect of working at Green Key?  

I love that we have the ability to mold ourselves and our roles. I’m never boxed in at Green Key. We keep up with ongoing corporate trends. The way we used to work 10 years ago doesn’t exist anymore, but our management has the mentality to figure it out and change with the times. That adaptive approach is what attracted me to Green Key. We are always figuring out how we can function in a smoother and more productive atmosphere. If you come in with a mentality that things are changing, you will be matched with a company that is also adjusting to those changes. 

Why should someone want to work at Green Key? 

There is no micromanagement. Instead, there is trust. Our employees are what make us, because none of us are just a number here. Management has so many approaches to take care of and support their staff. 

I’m heard and appreciated here. If I suggest changing a certain process, they’ll listen to me. At previous companies, I was discouraged from speaking out my thoughts or opinions. But here I’m validated – that’s the key to Green Key. 

What are your professional goals for the future? 

I see myself leading a team and being part of huge projects. I hope to always bring more value to the company and overcome obstacles. Green Key has so much potential and ability to grow.  

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