Welcome to #WeAreGreenKey, where we shine a spotlight on the incredible people behind our powerhouse recruiting team. 

Kiki Tyler, an Account Executive in Green Key’s Office Support, joined the team in April 2021.

Tyler offered us a bit of insight regarding her work journey and experience at Green Key thus far.

What inspired you to pursue a career in recruitment?

I’ve always enjoyed working with people and wanted to get out of retail. My girlfriend worked for a staffing company and thought I would be a great recruiter. I was hired and within three months was working with both clients and candidates. I really enjoy solving problems and helping others succeed. Helping companies overcome productivity and growth challenges by having the right people in the right positions using their strengths for a common goal is very satisfying.

What sets Green Key apart from other recruiting firms? 

Green Key puts people first. They care about their people and take care of us so that we may take care of or clients and candidates. During the peak of the Pandemic they asked that we take a mental health day once a week for a month. To spend time with family and nature and disconnect from all things electronic to prevent burnout. At a time when things were rocky and unpredictable, the partners were proactive in taking care of their employees health.

Where has Green Key provided service that is hard to match in an internal hiring team? 

Our recruiters are creative and resourceful. They network in places an internal hiring team may not think to look and use creative messaging to attract passive candidates. Due to the volume of people we speak with on a daily basis, we are able to provide real time facts and details to help our clients stay in the know and remain relevant and competitive to attract great talent.

What are the next steps for candidates interested in expanding their administrative job search? 

Connect with me on LinkedIn, where I regularly post about new administrative job opportunities. And don’t forget to bookmark the Green Key jobs board to help guide your search in the right direction. 

Jan 30, 2024

Tips to Cultivate a Compelling Employer Brand

The hiring market has been dynamic, but the significance of a strong employer brand has remains constant. A robust employer brand is crucial for attracting and retaining talent in a competitive market.

What is employer branding?

According to LinkedIn, “Employer branding is how you proactively manage your employer brand to market your company to desired job seekers. You can do this by showcasing your organization’s unique cultural differentiators and amplifying them to position your company as a desirable place to work.”

Tips to Cultivate a Compelling Employer Brand

In another article, LinkedIn shared ways to enhance employer brand, “Whether you’re focused on attracting qualified candidates or retaining the talent you already have, employer branding can be the make-or-break factor in navigating a topsy-turvy talent market. Surveys have shown that 86% of people would not apply to, or continue working for, a company with a bad reputation — and your employer brand is your reputation among both current and future employees.”

  • Streamline Application Process: Make the application process quick and easy by simplifying steps, avoiding unnecessary details.
  • Highlight Flexible Work Opportunities: emphasize remote and hybrid work options on your career pages and LinkedIn page. Make it easier for candidates to search for flexible opportunities.
  • Optimize Company LinkedIn Page: Use the banner image on the company’s LinkedIn page strategically. This is Key messaging space!
  • Showcase company commitments: Use LinkedIn’s commitments feature to highlight your company’s dedication to issues like DEI, sustainability, and social impact. Demonstrate authenticity through content sharing. Afterall LinkedIn noted, “It’s such a top priority that 68% of candidates align their job search to issues they care about, according to LinkedIn research.”
  • Spotlight Unique Benefits: Communicate not only the traditional benefits but also highlight unique offerings such as parental leave, career development programs, and student debt assistance.

Investing time in employer branding, even through small steps, can have a significant impact. Encouraging team involvement in these initiatives can further amplify the positive effects on your employer brand.