Welcome back to #WeAreGreenKey, where we shine a spotlight on our powerhouse recruiting team.   

We chatted with Mia Johnson, Executive Recruiter on the Accounting & Finance National team. Mia has five years of recruiting experience and came to Green Key Resources in September 2021. She has since grown her knowledge in the accounting and finance industry, while also expanding her clientele and relationship with her candidates. 

So, you’re located in the Green Bay area. Do you work from an office out there? 

Yes, we have a small office near Green Bay, where we work from a couple times a week on a blended schedule. I love having that flexibility and I also get to work with another local friend/colleague – Alyssa [Durham]. We both had recruiting experience coming in and already understood the industry, so we’ve been able to partner together and bring some Midwest spirit into the group.

What is something big you’ve learned in the accounting industry since taking on this role? 

I didn’t truly realize that every business needs an accounting function within, so there is always a need for accountants in the world. Something unique I learned is in regards to public accounting. Many college graduates begin their career in public accounting to gain valuable experience, but there IS a time frame they should consider transition out of the public space, into the corporate/private accounting space to make them more diverse and have more marketable skills. The longer a candidate is in a public accounting role, the harder it is to transition out.

Why do you think that is? 

Many of our clients look for a public AND private background. They will specifically ask for this, and sometimes they won’t want to see a public only candidate. They want a mix of experience, versus only public. Having both provides such a good background to diversify their career. After a few busy seasons, it’s best to transition in order to continue growing. 

Are there any other trends you’ve been noticing in the Accounting & Finance industry? 

Compared to the 2022 job market, companies are really narrowing down on skillsets and backgrounds for their roles. It’s pretty specific for the type of candidate who gets the job, they aren’t making offers to someone who isn’t a fit. Employers want their candidates to be tech savvy and know how to use their systems, which essentially brings new ideas to their business. 

I find that candidates who can articulate what they do on a day-to-day basis are more successful in their interview processes. We work a lot of prepping candidates through that process and clearly expand on their experience. 

Speaking of interviews, what are some good questions candidates should ask their interviewers? 

Always have your questions prepared ahead of time to show you’re interested in the company and its culture . A good question to consider is: “How do you envision being successful in this role?” By listening to how the hiring manager responds, you can expand on how your skills align with that answer.  

Are there any roles you’ve seen growth in recently?  

Hot roles depend on the time of year. We work with a lot of public accounting firms and candidates. Certain times of year are better to get people in the door for audit and tax, while other times it can be difficult to pull a candidate into a corporate role while it’s still their busy season. It’s all about being smart about when to recruit for these companies and what they need given the time of year.

We have such a variety of roles, which is why I love being on the Accounting & Finance National team. We get to work on roles nationwide, which can range from the CFO level to Staff Accountant. There is always something to tackle on multiple levels.

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