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We met up with Zach Miller, Technical Recruiter at Green Key on the Information Technology team. Having graduated from the University of Wisconsin in the middle of the Covid pandemic, he was still unsure where he wanted to take his career. Shortly into his recruiting experience, he knew this was where he belonged. His time at Green Key has solidified his decision to stick to tech recruiting and he plans to grow his personal brand here as much as he can. 

How did you first get started in recruiting? 

I graduated college at the peak of the pandemic and kept getting LinkedIn messages from people who worked in recruiting. I took a couple calls to see if it would be a good fit and ended up working at another staffing agency for about a year. I discovered I really enjoyed the process of recruiting and came to Green Key in August of this year. 

Are there any interesting trends in IT recruiting right now? 

Candidates are really considering the gravity of “impactful” work. Even if it’s the first time I’m connecting with someone, they like to understand the way their work will impact both the company and their specific values. For instance, they might ask how their development skills in a role will transend in the long run. Because of this, we’ve had to set up additional meetings with clients to dive deeper into their job descriptions and how they’ll translate to the candidates.  

What keeps you coming back to recruiting every day? 

Building trust relationship with my candidates and being able to let them know that I’m here to help. I’m always trying to prove that I’m a good resource for them, where it’s right now or in the future.  

What makes the IT team successful? 

Everyone on the team knows what they’re good at and we blend really well together that way. Tech is such a broad industry, so being able to specialize in certain spots allows us to deliver the best work to our clients. We also provide continuous and consistent feedback to each other. It’s not just direct leads giving advice and direction; we’re all really involved in each other’s work. 

What are your goals in the new year? 

I want to keep learning and familiarizing myself with the industry, including trends outside of data, which is my specialty. I hope to continue building my pipeline here at Green Key and develop my own brand in tech. 

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Green Key
Feb 13, 2024

Leveraging LinkedIn Polls: A Strategic Tool for Business Insights

In today’s dynamic business landscape, understanding market trends, customer preferences, and industry insights is essential for staying ahead of the competition. Organizations should continuously explore multiple avenues to gather insights and engage with their audiences. Among the arsenal of tools available to organizations, LinkedIn Polls stands out as a solution for harnessing valuable feedback and fostering meaningful connections with their networks.

LinkedIn Polls offer a unique opportunity for businesses to tap into the knowledge and opinions of their network. With 1 billion users worldwide, LinkedIn provides a vast and diverse audience of professionals from various industries and sectors, making it an ideal platform for conducting polls and surveys.

What sets LinkedIn Polls apart is their ease of use and accessibility. With just a few clicks, you can create and share polls with your network, allowing you to quickly gather feedback and insights from your audience. Moreover, LinkedIn polls foster engagement and interaction within our network, helping us build stronger connections with our audience.

Neal Schaffer, has provided a comprehensive article on LinkedIn polls in which he states, “LinkedIn is a powerful tool for marketing, and one of the most underrated features of LinkedIn is the ability to create polls… For example, you can use LinkedIn polls to find out what your target audience thinks about a certain issue or to get their opinion on a new product or service you’re considering launching. You can also use LinkedIn polls to generate leads or to get feedback on a recent campaign.”

Furthermore, the article provided ways to use LinkedIn polls and best practices for the polls. A few best practices listed included:

  • “Don’t just Ask a Question for Its Own Sake. Ask It for a Reason.”
  • “Keep Your Polls Short and Sweet”
  • “Make Your Polling Strategy a Part of a Larger Campaign to Drive Engagement”
  • “Be Sure to Answer Questions Quickly and Provide Context to Help People Understand What You’re Asking Them”
  • “Don’t Ask too Many Questions.”
  • “If You Receive Any Negative Responses, Address Them as soon as Possible”

In summary, integrating tools like LinkedIn Polls has become essential for organizations, enabling them to gather crucial insights, interact with their audience, and maintain a competitive edge.

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Green Key

CTO Hiring Is In ‘High Gear’

CIO.com magazine says hiring of executive level tech leaders is “back in high gear.”

The pandemic brought a halt to most CIO and CTO hiring as companies scrambled to meet the needs of employees who began working remotely – many for the first time – in mid-March when all but essential businesses were shuttered.

At the same time, those holding those top IT jobs were hesitant to make a move. With 60% of IT leaders in a recent survey saying they couldn’t forecast conditions beyond three months, one top tech recruiting leader told CIO, “If you have a hard time telling the future, how willing are you going to be to go to a new organization?”

Now, companies have again begun to recruit professionals for their top IT jobs. Recently, CIO noted HP, Okta and Quick Base all hired new CIOs. Retailers Bed, Bath & Beyond and H&M Group announced new CTOs. In September, California utility PG&E brought on a new CTO.

Recruiters tell CIO that much of the initial screening and interviewing is being done remotely.

“Virtual meetings create great flexibility for candidates and hiring managers alike, reducing time spent traveling from across the country or even overseas. It also eliminates the stress that comes with sitting in meetings with one stakeholder after another during a single day,” says CIO.

Final meetings with candidates are still done in person, though the setting has changed. “Hiring managers and candidates might have a final meeting over a coffee outdoors or walk in the park, which can help cement culture fit.”

Online recruiting and interviewing has helped accelerate at least some parts of a hiring process that pre-COVID could take months. Still, each company has its own hiring process, so it’s difficult to tell how much speedier hiring has become.

Though circumstances can change, right now the recruiters interviewed by CIO say senior level hiring is likely to remain strong.

One top recruiting leader says, “We don’t see hiring slowing down at this time. There are a lot of skillsets that are highly sought after.”

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