When new employees start at your company, you want them to be nothing short of excited. More than that, you want them to feel comfortable and stress-free during their first week of work. It’s essential for companies to direct new employees through a clear and productive onboarding process.

To guarantee a smooth first week, we have provided a few tips to remember when constructing your onboarding plan.

Communicate ahead of time

Prior to their first day, new employees should already have any materials or information necessary for training and onboarding. New hire documents, equipment, and technology should already be set up for them. For example, they should have access to their email and messaging systems right from the start. This eliminates any frustration and avoids wasted time. You should also be prepared with answers to any questions they might have on their first day, as well as a detailed itinerary for their training plan.

Don’t move too fast

A big mistake to avoid is moving too fast during their first few days. Onboarding takes time and you don’t want your new hires to feel rushed. Be sure to set up time for a thorough orientation to discuss perks and benefits, meet everyone on the team, and get to know the environment. This will help your new employees feel comfortable in their new space before diving into work.

Share onboarding responsibilities

As we just noted, it’s important for new hires to get to know their team members and those they will be working closely with. To ensure this happens, spread out the onboarding responsibilities to multiple people on the team. Distribute different tasks based on who tackles specific work. This not only allows the new hire to meet everyone one-on-one, but prevents one employee using up too much of their time.

Provide company swag

If possible, providing your new hire with some company swag will always boost their excitement and make them feel welcome. Coffee cups, keychains, and pens adorned with your company logo are a great way to show your appreciation and express how thrilled you are to having them on board.

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