As Mother’s Day approaches, we’d like to honor and appreciate all of the amazing mothers at Green Key Resources. Our organization is full of wonderful parents, who juggle children and a career every single day, and it’s important to acknowledge their drive and flexibility. We know it’s not easy. 

Being a working mom comes with its fair share of challenges, many of which stem from handling multiple responsibilities at once. “It’s the time commitment,” says Clare Wright, Principal at Green Key and one of the heads of Professional Support.  “Trying to be there for your kid, as well as work, and giving your 100% to both. It’s also been very hard to find childcare since the start of the pandemic.” 

Maggie Trofa, Human Resources Director at Green Key, elaborates, “I think there’s a sense of guilt that you’re not doing enough in either realm – parenting or work. And you feel like you almost never get a break because you’re going from morning childcare to daycare drop off and then diving into your workday. And then to daycare pickup and evening childcare. You finally get a chance to breathe once the baby goes down only to wake up early again the next morning to start all over again! I wouldn’t change being a mother for the world but being a working mom is a balancing act.” 

While juggling these tasks is nothing short of difficult, many mothers credit new work from home opportunities for allowing them to be more involved parents. Clare emphasizes the pleasure of now being a “school pick-up mom,” something she wasn’t able to be when she still worked in the office. Krista Zielinski, Principal at Green Key and one of the heads of Pharma, agrees, saying, “It’s nice getting that one-on-one time with my son now. I love getting the chance to pick him up and see him do his homework.” 

“When I was still commuting to the city, I had to miss so many events,” says Brittany Leader, Principal at Green Key and one of the heads of Healthcare. “Now I’m able to be present for every single school event, even though I’m still a working mom. It’s invaluable to me.”  

When asked what advice they’d give to new mothers returning to work after maternity leave, Brittany tells us, “Be patient with everything. Don’t expect things to be exactly the way they were before you left.”  

Krista stresses the importance of having a plan for both yourself and your family. “You have to figure out your childcare arrangement and what that looks like for you. You don’t want to be stressed about anything during that time. As a leader in my division, I let everyone know they can put work aside if they need to. Our jobs at Green Key will never be in jeopardy simply by becoming a parent.” 

“Make sure to have open conversations with your manager,” adds Clare. “Give yourself grace. Every single manager at Green Key is flexible enough to understand if you need time off.” 

Maggie agrees, attributing Green Key’s awareness that family comes first. “It’s a relief knowing that I don’t have to feel guilty if I need to run to daycare or a doctor’s appointment for my son. My boss [Adina Goldman] has been amazing at letting me navigate first-time parenting challenges and rapid changes.” 

At the end of the day, many working mothers are simply trying to set an example for their children. “I try to make them understand that in order for us to have nice things, mommy has to go to work. I want to teach them that hard work pays off,” Krista mentions.  

Green Key wishes all moms a very happy Mother’s Day this year and appreciates all the sacrifices they make to work and raise children at the same time. If you’re a working parent looking for a flexible schedule with amazing opportunities, we might just be the place for you. Don’t hesitate to check out our internal jobs and see where a career in recruiting can take you! 

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Green Key
Jun 6, 2023

Even Small Data Holds Value for HR

Big data has been an HR buzzword for a decade now. Yet despite the thousands of articles and conference workshops, there’s a lingering sense among human resources professionals that data analytics are the domain of only the largest companies.

There’s some truth in that, but it’s also not the whole story. Big data, or in the case of most employers, smaller data, can give HR leaders all sorts of valuable workforce insights — the kind of insights that can lead to better decision making, smarter hiring and improved retention and workforce planning.

Writing for the Academy to Innovate HR, its founder Erik van Vulpen, concedes that much of the data HR has is messy, often unreliable because of inconsistencies in maintaining it, and the volume is limited and doesn’t much change. Despite those limitations, he says, “When leveraged the right way it can be used to uncover workforce risks, make better people decisions and help in building a competitive advantage for the firm.”

For example, van Vulpen points to the “large piles of unanalyzed, written performance reviews” most companies just file away. Using natural language processing (NLP), these reviews can be turned into valuable data, creating scores not just for employees but for the managers who perform these reviews.

NLP can also be used to analyze employee emails and messages to glean insights into engagement and attitudes of groups and the workforce as a whole.

Building on van Vulpen’s insights, SmartBrief explains that even smaller data can improve hiring. Rather than rely solely on that elusive “chemistry” hiring managers talk about, HR can analyze the records of the best workers to identify the skills and backgrounds to look for in new hires.

More than a few companies that routinely recruited only at “name” colleges, broadened their approach when they found that many of their top performers came from smaller, less well known schools.

“When applied to recruiting, employers can utilize big data to better predict hiring needs, while improving their quality of hire and employee retention,” Insperity’s John Feldman tells Forbes.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to using data in human resources is changing the way HR people approach decision-making.

Says Dr. Jaclyn Lee, CHRO at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, “The HR profession has always relied on gut instincts using very descriptive data. The idea is to change your mindset from one that’s reactive to one that’s proactive.”

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Green Key
Mar 18, 2024

#WeAreGreenKey: Spotlight on Antonia Piazza

Welcome back to #WeAreGreenKey, where we shine a spotlight on our powerhouse recruiting team. 

Recently, we met up with Antonia Piazza, Recruiter on the Accounting & Finance team at Green Key. Antonia started her journey at Green Key in 2022, after she transitioned from a career in public and corporate accounting.

How did you get started in Accounting & Finance recruiting?

I started my career in BIG4 public accounting audit, having obtained my CPA. I then transitioned into corporate accounting at a fortune 200 company in Cleveland. When I began to look for a new job that would enable me to relocate to Pittsburgh, I connected with Green Key Accounting & Finance recruiting manager, Alexis Schumacher, who initially talked to me about positions in Pittsburgh. A week or two after our conversation, I saw that she had posted on LinkedIn about an opening at Green Key. I had never thought about recruiting prior to seeing this post, but when I read it, I was shocked that it had never crossed my mind prior. Alexis and I discussed the opportunity, and it sounded like the perfect blend of staying in the accounting and finance world but also utilizing more of my personality and interpersonal skills. I ended up interviewing for the position, becoming more excited with each interview, and I was lucky enough to be offered the job!

What aspect of being a recruiter do you find the most rewarding?

I enjoy building professional relationships with candidates and helping them advance in their careers. It’s rewarding to help them find new jobs that are not only great career moves but also something that aligns with their professional and personal interests.

What advice would you give to candidates looking to stand out in the accounting and finance job market?

I would always recommend working with a recruiting agency, specifically Green Key! While it is important to have a strong resume, recruiters are able to provide advice on your resume and also put your resume on the front desk of the hiring manager – along with a personal recommendation and the ability to highlight skills/experiences that are not listed on your resume – rather than applying on your own and being up against hundreds of applicants on LinkedIn, for example. When it comes time to the interview, recruiters are able to prepare you for the interview using insight we have from working directly with the clients. One interviewing piece of advice I give to all of my candidates is to not only show that they have the ability to learn and grow into the role they’re interviewing for but also the desire, as displayed interest in the job is sometimes the biggest differentiator amongst candidates with similar backgrounds.

What tips would you give someone looking to get into Accounting & Finance recruiting?

Network with as many people as you can who’ve made the transition. Learn about the pros and cons and what it takes to be successful. I have learned that there is no “right way” to do recruiting. Rather, what makes each individual recruiter successful is a blend of implementing the strategies learned from other recruiters combined with your own personal strengths and strategies.

2024 marks 20 years of Green Key, how would you describe your experience since starting your career with the Accounting and Finance team?

Green Key has helped me grow a lot, both professionally and personally. I have gained so much knowledge relating to different job functions and industries as well as interpersonal strategies and psychology. I am grateful to continue my holistic development and build more relationships at Green Key.

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Green Key