Welcome back to #WeAreGreenKey, where we shine a spotlight on our powerhouse recruiting team.  

Recently, we met up with Christina Kinchen, Senior Recruiter on the Pharmaceutical team at Green Key. Christina is a seasoned professional who has nearly two decades of experience. For the past seven years, she has been a part of the pharma team, leveraging her extensive expertise to attract and secure top talent for our clients.

How did you first get started in Pharma recruiting?

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and was not ready to get my master’s. I saw an opening for a biometrics recruiter and applied and this is what I’ve done ever since. I felt the job was a great opportunity for me to use what I learned in school and help people at the same time. I started working at Green Key seven years ago working on the pharma team recruiting with a focus on biometrics temp positions and now I work on both the temp and perm sides of the business.

What have been some of the most rewarding aspects of your career?

Helping people find jobs, especially during difficult times like in 2008-2009, which was a challenging time for the country.  It is also rewarding to see a career advance and grow over the years.  When they thank you for helping them, that is the most rewarding of all.

What advice would you give to candidates looking to stand out in the Pharma job market?

In a competitive job market, you need to be persistent with your job search, make sure to do your homework, and leave a good impression. Clients want to know that you like their company, and you are genuinely interested in their company, that you have done your research. Personality is a big part of leaving a lasting impression. I always advise candidates to smile because I do believe if you are too worried, you’re not really going to be present and show your personality. Companies want to make sure you are a good fit and will get along with other people on the team. I know interviews can be hard because you are focusing on so many distinct aspects but remember to take a deep breath and just let your personality come through and enjoy the process as much as possible.

How do you stay updated on industry trends and developments to better serve your clients and candidates?
I subscribe to various newsletters that update me on what is happening in clinical research. I also read a lot of articles on LinkedIn, and I speak with my candidates about any changes or new technologies. I learn a lot from them, for instance they are the ones who help me better understand new terms or technologies so I can do a better job for my clients and candidates.

What are some key factors that clients typically consider when selecting candidates for Pharma positions?

A lot of my positions are very technical, so the technical skills are going to be number one. They want candidates who have worked on clinical trials. They may need additional skills or experience, like oncology, python, or R programming language. Another factor is communication skills, clients want to know that you’re able to communicate with a variety of people. But industry experience is usually the first thing they look for.  

As Green Key approaches its 20th anniversary, how would you describe your experience since starting here?

Oh, I love it! I love the people at Green Key, from my coworkers to my managers. Everyone is given the space and resources to be successful. Everyone is very supportive and collaborative, they are all just really good people.  It does not matter if you are an admin, account manager, or a recruiter, you are just as important, and it makes everybody feel valued and truly part of a team. Not every company can do this.