When Matt Kutin, Andrew Chayut, and Robert Kahn, first founded Green Key Resources, they knew they didn’t want to name their staffing firm after themselves. “It was so much bigger than us,” Matt mentioned. “We wanted to separate ourselves from other firms where the owners are the face of the company.” 

After much deliberation, they settled upon the color green, which reflected success and freshness. The “key to success” and “resources” idea came naturally, as their goal was to support everyone’s needs at the firm, not just one person’s. 

“Back in the day, it was a lot of emailing and cold-calling,” Matt adds, recalling their early beginnings. They knew their industry was all about communicating with other people, but what about true connections? The three founders wanted their firm to be built on human-first mentality, where strong relationship were made between recruiters and their clients and candidates.  

Green Key launched their first practice area, Accounting & Finance, in 2004. Since then, they have launched several other practice areas and teams, including Pharma, Healthcare, Professional Support, Information Technology, and Architecture, Engineering & Construction. The people of Green Key are located all across the country, but are made up of empathetic individuals bringing new ideas and ethical hiring practices to the firm every day. 

Brooke Stemen, Director of Talent Acquisition, works closely with Matt to hire and onboard new employees at the company. She has reiterated that aligned values are a huge factor when considering a candidate. Green Key’s mission is to build a better future through a people-first recruiting philosophy and it’s important that all new hires are prepared to adapt this practice. 

If you are interested in learning more about careers at Green Key, don’t hesitate to connect with Brooke on LinkedIn or visit our Join Green Key page. Our dynamic environment filled with experienced professionals, mentorship opportunities, and innovative technology, could be your next great career move. 

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Jun 6, 2023

Chronic Pain Patients Find Telehealth Cost Effective

Telehealth continues to demonstrate its popularity, this time among people suffering with chronic pain.

At their annual meeting this month, itself held online, anesthesiologists heard that patients who met with their pain specialist remotely were overwhelmingly satisfied with the experience.

Conducted by the UCLA Comprehensive Pain Center in Los Angeles, the survey period began in August 2019, long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients at the pain center were given the option of in-office or remote appointments by video or phone. The 1,398 patients who chose the remote options had a cumulative 2,948 virtual appointments.

According to an account of the study by Healthcare Finance the virtual meetings saved patients both time and money. Half saved at least 69 minutes commuting and a roundtrip of 26 miles or more. They also saved a median $22 in gas and parking fees for each virtual visit.

Initial visits for new patients or existing patients with new conditions were best served by in-person office appointments, the report said. Thereafter, follow-up appointments could be conducted remotely. Anesthesiologists participating in the conference estimated that up to 50% of visits could be virtual.

Before the pandemic, telehealth growth was limited by rules limiting the types of visits Medicare and Medicaid and private insurers would reimburse. Those limits were waived during the pandemic, resulting in a rapid expansion of virtual medical consults.

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What to Leave Off Your Resume

There are plenty of ways for your resume to stand out, but you do not want to stand out for the wrong reasons and miss a fantastic job opportunity.