“We are always inviting new, innovative ideas,” says Brooke Stemen, Director of Talent Acquisition at Green Key. As the person responsible for interviewing and onboarding new recruiters at the agency, Brooke has several reasons why someone should want to work and grow here. If you are looking for a different recruiting experience, or simply trying to switch career paths entirely, Brooke has provided a handful of motivating reasons to consider Green Key Resources. 

1. Commission structure 

The industry standard for commission structures is 5%, but at Green Key, *it typically starts* 12%. As this is more than double, the earning potential is unmatched. We also have zero threshold to earning commission, meaning you will make commission on your very first placement. You will never have to hit a spread quota or achieve a number of placements before unlocking strong earning potential. In addition to a competitive commission structure, Green Key also promotes from within. “We push our management teams to develop their internal teams,” says Brooke. “We are very growth-focused and invested in the success of our recruiters.” With a tech-focused mission and access to industry leading sourcing techniques, employees at Green Key have unlimited opportunities to succeed

2. Flexibility 

Green Key was founded on empathetic leadership, where you are treated like an adult and granted full autonomy to build your own day and optimize your time. Brooke reiterates, “We are not driven by arbitrary numbers, like how many calls you make. We’re a results driven firm and focused on net and production, which is a system that cultivates efficiency.” Green Key is also a give and take environment. Remote and hybrid schedules allow for a trusting relationship and higher productivity. We are always centered on quality of work over quantity. 

3. Mentorship 

Because Green Key promotes from within, managers across the organization are more motivated to mentor their recruiters and facilitate growth. Hierarchies tend to break down in these relationships and promote open communication. Mentorship within various teams is a unique aspect that makes Green Key successful. The opportunity to trust and learn from seasoned recruiters leads to goals being met and a healthy work environment.  

4. Diversity & inclusion 

“Prior to Green Key, I didn’t really see myself represented in leadership,” Brooke mentions. “As a woman who wants children one day, I was thrilled to see so many mothers holding leadership positions here.” Brooke emphasizes that Green Key is a place where you can make a substantial life for yourself, both professionally and personally. If you have to attend to personal matters outside of work, that will never hinder your success or growth here. “All we ask is that when you’re here, be present and try your hardest. At the end of the day, Green Key is an agency made by recruiters for recruiters.” 

Contact us 

If you’re considering a career change, do not hesitate to connect with Brooke on LinkedIn or visit our Join the Green Key Team page. With so many opportunities for growth and advancement, this just might be the perfect place for you! 

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Learn the Essentials of Alternative Assets for Free

Until now, learning just the basics of the heady world of alternative assets meant taking higher level college courses or landing an entry-level job. Or both.

Last week Preqin announced the launch of Preqin Academy, a free fundamentals program intended to introduce students and early-career professionals to the essentials of the alternative assets industry.

“Our mission is to increase understanding within the alternatives industry, and providing high-quality educational resources for people taking the first steps in their career is fundamental to that,” said Preqin CEO Mark O’Hare. Headquartered in London, Preqin is a provider of data, analytics and insights to the alternative assets community.

The four lessons begin by describing alternative assets and exploring their history and significance. The remaining three cover the details of hedge funds, private capital and the basics of the five asset classes (private equity, real estate, private debt, infrastructure and natural resources).

Each lesson is written simply enough that anyone with a basic knowledge of financial markets will be able to understand the concepts. The emphasis on clarity and simplicity doesn’t come at the expense of objectivity. Discussing leverage, the lesson goes into the risks as well as the advantages.

Nor do the lessons ignore the industry’s challenges. In the section covering hedge fund fees, Preqin observes that, “hedge fund managers are facing mounting pressure to reduce fees.”

There are no tests and no registration. Each lesson is self-contained, making it easy to start a topic and return as often as a student wants.

Besides the Alternatives 101 lessons, Preqin has collected a few career oriented articles and access to a library of academic and other research into all aspects of alternative assets.

For those who want to pursue their training, Preqin has arranged discounts to more formal development programs through the University of Oxford and the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association.

Photo by Susan Q Yin on Unsplash


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