Women’s History Month may be celebrated in March, but supporting women in the workplace should be practiced throughout the year. If you’re looking for ways your organization can recognize female contributions, both this month and beyond, we’ve compiled a handful of ways your company can continue doing so.

Highlighting achievements

Be sure to recognize the achievements and successes of the women in your organization, especially when receiving promotions or significant title changes. Seeing women in leadership positions can have strong influences on the younger generations. Representation is key. While all employees should be highlighted on public platforms, knowing your company supports the growth and opinions of women will reassure potential candidates and consumers.

Donating to women-centered charities

There are several charities focused on women’s issues that your organization can donate to, while also supporting their cause. Many of these charities are intended to raise awareness on gender inequality, discriminatory practices, bodily autonomy, and education for girls around the world. Some of these include the Malala Fund, She Should Run, and Equality Now.

Mentorship programs

Mentorship opportunities are important within any organization or industry. However, it’s especially impactful for women entering the workforce to pair up with women who have achieved significant success and growth in their career. As we mentioned earlier, representation truly makes a difference. Many young women want to know they can follow a fulfilling career, with the possibility of reaching leadership positions, while also maintaining a healthy life outside of work.

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Women-focused benefits

There are many female-focused benefits your company can offer your employees to maintain an inclusive culture and support the women on your staff. For instance, family building benefits can make a huge difference to women struggling to conceive or start a family. Offering benefits that cover IVF, surrogacy, egg freezing, and adoption opens up those doors. Other benefits supporting women might include paid parental leave for both parents, childcare services, and remote work opportunities.

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