Feeling worn down and disconnected from your team? Humor may be the key to reconnecting with coworkers again.

Numerous studies show that humor deepens trust and reduces stress while decreasing boredom and enhancing creativity. As companies start to reimagine the post-COVID workplace, in the midst of office changes and safety protocol, levity will be the key to keeping company culture alive and well.

“The workplace needs laughter,” Harvard Business Review declared in 2014. “Laughter relieves stress and boredom, boosts engagement and well-being, and spurs not only creativity and collaboration but also analytic precision and productivity.”

Despite all of the benefits of working from home – less time commuting and safety from the spread of the coronavirus – being isolated can make employees feel disengaged and disempowered.

In a recent Indeed survey, nearly three-quarters of workers said they miss socializing in the office.

Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas, authors of the recently published book Humor, Seriously: Why Humor Is A Secret Weapon in Business and Life shared findings from their book in a recently Forbes article.

Among their findings:

  • Leaders with a sense of humor are seen as 27% more motivating and admired. Their employees are 15% more engaged and their teams are more than twice as likely to solve a creativity challenge.
  • Workplaces that embedded humor in their culture said employees were 16% more likely to stay at their jobs, feel engaged and experience satisfaction.

Humor at work is not about wisecracks, it’s about levity: sharing moments of lightness that create connection and balance the seriousness of work.

“We’re living in a time when empathy, inclusivity, and authenticity are important for all leaders,” said Aaker in an interview with The New York Times. “Humor is actually a secret weapon that can serve them well.”

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Thank You Team For All You Do!

In the press of business, while we’re rushing from one meeting to another, answering emails, hustling to get another report done by the deadline, it’s easy to forget to say “Thank you.” That’s why 25 years ago today was declared Employee Appreciation Day.

We all know how important it is to recognize each other for the contributions we make. It’s especially important for managers to acknowledge not only the special efforts employees make, but their day-to-day performance. Because it’s what people do each day that make a team, a department, a division and ultimately the entire organization successful.

Dr. Bob Nelson understood this when he wrote 1001 Ways to Reward Employees in 1994. Realizing that managers too often neglect offering even a simple thanks for a job well done, he came up the idea of a day to encourage bosses to recognize their team.

“I’m a big advocate of using recognition on a daily basis,” Nelson told Business Insider. “By no means is Employee Appreciation Day meant to be this one day to thank people or this one day to bring in doughnuts… But I did want to have one day where we could call attention to the topic and have conversations about its importance.”

As you can tell by reading this blog post, he was successful. Appreciation and recognition have become indispensable parts of good management. Dozens, perhaps hundreds of studies tell us recognition is as essential as a fair wage to a motivated workforce.

At Green Key Resources we try hard to remember to say “Thank You” and to show appreciation for the good work everyone does.

In honor of today, we want to publicly take the opportunity to say

Thank You everyone!

We appreciate your hard work, dedication and loyalty. The contribution of each team member is what makes us the organization we are.

Thank you for all you do!

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