Welcome back to #WeAreGreenKey, where we shine a spotlight on the people behind our powerhouse recruiting team.    

Today we have the pleasure of chatting with Deloris Jones, Partner at Green Key Resources and one of the four Heads of the Pharma division. Originally a nurse working in clinical research, Deloris now has over 20 years of recruiting experience and an amazing team to show for it. Deloris was named Partner at Green Key in January 2022 and is excited to continue learning every day, growing her team, and sharing her knowledge.  

How did you get your start in recruiting/pharma? 

That was Smith Hanley and I worked for them for eleven years and four months. When I got there, they focused on Biostatistics and Programming positions within the pharmaceutical industry, and my area of expertise was more on the clinical side, it was a good fit, and I was instrumental in helping grow the division supporting clinical research positions. When I started with them there were only four account managers and two recruiters, they only had 35 contractors at that point. By the time I left, we had over 600 contractors working. My managers and the owners were wonderful people who taught me so much about staffing.

Unfortunately, they were bought out by another company. So, when presented with the Green Key opportunity, I knew immediately that this was the best career move for me. There was no question that I was going to make that leap. I didn’t want to feel like a number anymore. When I interviewed with Green Key in New York, I met the owners, and we had a great conversation. They were sincere and the kind of people who remembered your name and I felt like they really cared. I was hired as an Executive Director to help start the Pharma temp division.  

What does the day of a Pharma temp recruiter entail?  

Every day is different. You must be nimble and able to adjust priorities at a moment’s notice, which requires a flexible personality to go with the flow. It’s more than just calling people and matching them to jobs. Contract recruiting is very different than recruiting for permanent positions. If you hire a contractor, they are your employee. You’re the one handling their performance reviews, coaching them, and guiding them into the right position.  We are not just recruiters; we manage and help navigate people toward their desired career goals. It’s caring about the people you are working for and making sure that they are not just a number.  

What makes a team as successful as yours?  

We have an unusually high tenure in our group and that tenure has resulted in so many of our recruiters’ becoming experts in their field. Everyone has high integrity and good attitudes.  Recruiting isn’t easy, it takes tenacity and a certain amount of finesse. We really pride ourselves in placing the right person in the right position.  We have a stellar team that supports each other.  We have a robust training schedule with new hires, but our training does not end there, we have ongoing training, participate in regular lunch-and-learns that cover anything from the basics to the most challenging skillsets. We are always looking to evolve, grow, and change things.

The landscape of recruiting has obviously changed since I first started, and we continue to adjust to the changes with a clear approach to training and sharing of knowledge. At the end of the day, I want people to want to work for me, not have to work for me.  

Why should someone work at Green Key?

If you’re looking for a home, where you can truly grow and not be put into a little box, this is the place for you. You can grow into whatever you want to grow into. For example, if you’re an excellent trainer, we’re going to tap into that talent if we recognize it. And I think that’s the greatest thing about Green Key – we are good at recognizing talent and helping to cultivate it.  

What are your goals for the future at Green Key?

I was so thankful to make Partner this year. That was a huge goal for me, and I feel so blessed to be one of the first female Partners. In terms of my goals going forward, I was so excited when they gave me the opportunity to help lead the Florida Office Support and Healthcare National team. It has grown into something special, and we continue to look for and hire the best people. I really love seeing people succeed. My goal is to support our teams and find new ways to add value and never forget that the reason for our success are the people surrounding us.  Our division is always growing and it’s a great space to work in. 

Majority of Employers Still Honoring Job Offers and Internships

There’s some good news for college students anxious about their summer internships. Almost two-thirds of employers intend to go ahead with them. The same is true for the jobs they offered to graduating seniors.

A survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found 64% of employers are not revoking their offers of full-time or internship employment. They may shift the start date and 29% expect to move interns to a virtual program, but only 15% are reducing the number.

The survey did find about a quarter of employers were considering what to do about the offers they made, given that no one is certain what will happen in the next several weeks.

Even if they decide to make cuts, there’s no reason to despair, says Green Key’s Clare Wright. There are companies still hiring. In fact, the dearth of campus recruiting has created opportunities.

“Smaller firms will have a chance to snap up those high caliber candidates who are eager to get working right out of school.”

Katelin Carbon, who as Green Key Resources’ Recruitment Director focuses on healthcare, says jobs are available for new grads in physical and occupational therapy and as speech language pathologists.

“Given all that is happening,” she add, “There is a huge need” for RNs especially in ICUs and emergency rooms, and for respiratory therapists, where there is a severe shortage.

“We encourage new grads to upload their resumes to job boards – Careerbuilder, Monster, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn.”

Add Handshake to that list, adds Wright, who says, it is “an excellent resource for both college students and employers looking to hire.”

Especially for employers who do have internships and jobs to offer, Wright recommends being more proactive and creative in recruiting.

“Employers should reach out to colleges who are currently holding virtual career fairs and offering online career counselling to seniors,” she says. “Companies should invest heavily in their social media presence as well as hiring through their own staff networks – everyone will know someone affected by this pandemic so word of mouth networking will be strong.”

Wright, an Executive Director with a focus on office support, adds that Green Key Resources may be able to help.

“We are always ready and willing to talk to recent grads. While most clients like to see some relevant internship or corporate experience, often companies will look to grads with any kind of work experience such as summer jobs, or customer service.”

Wright, who graduated college in 2009 during the worst recession since the Depression, has some words of encouragement for college students: “Try to breathe. The job market will bounce back.

“This will not be the graduation that you expected, but it will be okay. You might not end up in your dream job right away, but make connections, create a LinkedIn page, network, temp, finish up school strong, use your college career department, attend a virtual career fair that many colleges are hosting, focus on sectors that are hiring right now — healthcare, tech, pharma, e-commerce are all still hiring.”

Photo by Firmbee.com on Unsplash