Welcome back to #WeAreGreenKey, where we shine a spotlight on our powerhouse recruiting team. 

We sat down with Jason Kien, Partner at Green Key leading the Accounting & Finance New York team. He elaborated on the most sought-after jobs in accounting right now, as well as his advice on how a candidate can successfully break into this industry. 

What are some major hiring trends happening in Accounting & Finance right now? 

We are starting to see the job market level off a bit.  This was expected as the pace over the last couple years was not sustainable.  Green Key has lived thru up and down markets and our teams are prepared to shift gears when necessary.   We can’t control the trends, but we stay ready for them.   

What are some challenges you foresee for clients and candidates in the year ahead? 

I think trying to find the right balance between requiring employees to come into the office versus allowing them to work remotely will continue to be a challenge. Many companies are requiring employees to come back 2-3 days a week. but we still see great positions being offered fully remote that can be based anywhere in the country.   

Are there any roles you’ve been seeing significant growth in recently? 

Private Equity and Hedge Funds are a steady space for us, and we don’t see any signs of this industry slowing down.  Strong Fund Controllers and Assistant Controllers should continue to see great opportunities available.  In addition, a few of our Public Accounting clients are experiencing significant growth and will be looking for Audit and Tax professionals of all levels throughout the year. 

How can a candidate break into Accounting & Finance Recruiting? 

Anyone with the right personality, communication skills, and work ethic can break into recruiting.  However, most of our successful recruiters come directly from the Accounting and Finance industry.  This background is helpful because they tend to relate better to the candidate’s experience and what they are looking for.  We always have our eye out for talented Accounting & Finance professionals that are looking for a more entrepreneurial path. If interested, I suggest you reach out to a trusted recruiter and start there.   

What are your goals for the Accounting & Finance group at Green Key in 2023? 

We have such an amazing and dedicated group and would love to help elevate our recruiters to be as successful as possible.  In addition, I am always looking to develop new relationships and break into new clients. 

Do You Really Want to Be a Manager?

It’s flattering to be offered a management promotion. It shows the confidence your boss has in you, and the bump in your paycheck would certainly be welcome.

But before you say yes, take a deep breath and think about what it means. Not everyone wants to be a manager. Not everyone who is a manager should be one.

Being a manager comes with dramatically different responsibilities. Instead of being responsible only for yourself, as a manager you’re responsible for the work of a team. You’ll be dealing with different personalities and styles. You’ll face pressure from your boss to meet a whole range of new measures. Besides getting projects done on deadline, there will be budget considerations and quality standards. At the same time, you’ll hear from your reports about being pushed too hard or not getting the resources they insist they need.

You’ll be expected to coach your team, supporting them and giving them the feedback they need and want. At times, that means delivering feedback about poor performance. As a CNN Business article points out, you have to sometimes be willing to be seen as the guy delivering bad news.

Says Leigh Steere, co-founder of research group Managing People Better, “The No. 1 task that managers shy away from is confronting poor performance.

“They may be conflict avoidant. Some say ‘I’m not comfortable judging others.’ Or they want to be viewed as a nice manager. [But] it is not nice to withhold feedback from somebody that they need to learn and grow.”

The skills it takes to be a great manager are far different from those of being a great worker. Too often companies promote great workers because they perform at the top of the curve, only to discover that as a manager their performance is lacking at which point their rise in the organization halts — or worse.

While management training can make a difference, too often this training is limited to legal issues and administrative procedures. Even when the training includes coaching and feedback and similar matters, it takes constant reinforcement and personal commitment to be effective.

So when the opportunity comes along, think it through. Ask managers you respect for advice. Discuss with your boss the changes you’ll need to make. Then ask yourself, are you willing to give up what you do in order to manage others? Is that you?

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash


Jun 6, 2023

Thank You To Receptionists For Everything You Do

We take time out today to recognize the work of those who answer the phones, who continue to staff front desks at medical facilities and essential businesses across the country and who are the face of our businesses to visitors and callers.

Today, National Receptionists Day, we say Thank You for all that you do.