As we close out 2022, we’d like to take a moment to recognize the incredible people at Green Key who have made this year memorable. We’ve featured a handful of amazing staff members through our #WeAreGreenKey series, and they all had unique and positive experiences to share.

To round out the year, we are reflecting on some of their best thoughts and memories. We are so excited to continue into 2023 with open minds and more innovation! Happy New Year and remember #WeAreGreenKey!

Adina Goldman

“We’re in the business of people management, which includes offering our employees a platform to make their voices heard and listening to them. Feedback is not only necessary, but it’s also vital in what we do, so that we can better assess where there may be gaps or room for improvement and change, that will ultimately benefit our employees in the long run.”

Deloris Jones

“We are not just recruiters; we manage and help navigate people toward their desired career goals. It’s caring about the people you are working for and making sure that they are not just a number.”

Cheryl Chasen

“The original founding partners always follow through on their commitments.  They respect the work-life balance and have done an exceptional job of navigating the recent challenges of COVID-19.  They are very flexible and offer the tools necessary to be successful.  This environment fosters creative thinking and enables constant improvement.  I always try to emulate this with my team.”

Ryan Calpin

“Perseverance is also very important. Everyone knows how to make a goal, stick to it, and see it through. Every month is a record month. Recruitment will always be a rollercoaster, so it’s crucial to be mindful of what you’re comparing yourself to.”

Larry Goodman

“There are awesome monetary advantages in this business. I encourage any recruiter to try your hand at Pharma. It’s an industry that continues to grow and rarely takes a dip. Even during the pandemic, we were able to support companies that had their hand in COVID trials. It’s a stable field with tons of new business opening up. As a Pharma recruiter, you won’t always be working on the same “stale” jobs. We have a full variety of clients that we work with.”

Kayla Jones

“I think there’s so much potential with our LMS (Learning Management System) and to continue to innovate on the learning side. We can really leverage the deep wells of recruiting. There are people at Green Key who have been here for 10+ years, which is rare for a recruiting agency. I think there is a lot more I can give to and learn from Green Key.”

Brittany Leader

“When I first came here, we were super small and boutique, but now we’re bigger. But what I love about Green Key is that it still feels personable. Even though we’ve grown tremendously, we’ve maintained our boutique feel. It really sets us apart from other firms. I also applaud the marketing team. In the last couple years, they’ve created an outreach we didn’t have previously. Now that we’re mostly remote, it’s nice to have this additional sense of community and put names to faces.”

Todd Bernard

“When I first got here, Green Key was a smaller company. Now, we are looking toward the future and want to build on our success and maximize our potential, which includes taking advantage of all the opportunities in front of us, while maintaining the unique culture that we all benefit from.”

Anthony Agosto

“The pandemic was difficult, but I take pride in our team right now, as they are open to learn and take constructive criticism. We have open and complete transparency with each other. This also allows us to improve our day-to-day operations based on the feedback from recruiters and temp employees. We also have a tight connection with the other back-office departments, which helps us to feel needed and respected.”

Patrick Friel

“At Green Key, there is no ceiling to what one can achieve. This is true in regard to where we work, who we work with, and what we work on. It’s free game for anyone who wants to work hard for it. Green Key makes sure to put the time in for everyone to succeed. No one will fail here because of lack of training. We’re embedded in everyone’s success and always willing to invest in you.”

Karen Martinez

“Green Key is responsive to market changes. Other agencies can become stagnant in their status quo, which makes them unable to see the field. Green Key supports and welcomes leaders that can capture new markets. It makes us an innovator and not a follower. You’re always given the bandwidth and autonomy to spread your wings and try something new.”

Becca Smith

“The career progression that I’ve had has introduced me to a lot of different industries. The way I see it is that if you have the principles of marketing down, you can transfer them from audience to audience. The thing that drew me to this role was wanting to have ownership and being able to build something from the ground up.”

Sean Coyne

“Construction is the most tangible industry we can recruit for. Everywhere you go, there are buildings that have been or need to be constructed. This is also an industry that is built on honesty and integrity. We are always looking for a transparent line of communication with our candidates and clients. Because people who work in construction already have that quality, it’s much easier to build a rapport.”

Angela Singh

“We’re not just a company where you simply come in and work your 9-5. The people here truly build a relationship with you and take your suggestions. Last year, I went through an illness, and everyone has been exceptionally caring about it. They want the best for me both personally and professionally. It’s not just about numbers at Green Key and that makes a huge difference to me.”

Mary Baynard

“When you’re working with great people, communication is second nature. My training was quick, but it was very hands-on, and they gave me many different strategies to pull from. It’s amazing to have accessibility from people who are seasoned and experienced.”

Andrew List

“We have the expertise. Specifically on the Financial Services team, we have people at the top who have all been doing this for 20+ years. I know that when I’m on the phone with a candidate, I can immediately establish my credibility. We also have the ability to chat with anyone by finding common ground and connecting with people on a personal level.”

Karlina Cardero

“I love that we have the ability to mold ourselves and our roles. I’m never boxed in at Green Key. We keep up with ongoing corporate trends. The way we used to work 10 years ago doesn’t exist anymore, but our management has the mentality to figure it out and change with the times.”

Brittany Kinsella

“Working with other departments is essential for a successful marketing team. I try to partner with as many different teams as possible in order to create a variety of content. If an industry has a hot trend going on, I know I can reach out to someone on that team and create something for them to share online or with their candidates and clients.”

Lauren Scutero

“I love that we are making a difference in this field. On a personal level, my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was two years old. It made my work so much more real to me knowing there are people, especially children, who our work is helping in the long run. It is so close to my heart at this point. My son’s life is impacted by the people who we place.”

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Green Key
Jun 6, 2023

Family Doctors Are In Demand Everywhere

Family physicians are the most recruited of all doctors. The demand for these family practitioners is expected to grow by 10%, second only to psychiatrists. Yet those who practice family medicine have seen their average pay decrease, making these doctors among the lowest paid of all medical specialties.

To 10 states highest doctor pay - blog.jpg

These aren’t new revelations, but they stand out starkly in the just-released Physician Compensation Report from Physicians Thrive, a financial advisory firm for doctors. The report is a compilation of data from multiple sources. It covers pay and bonuses by physician specialty and practice, and drills down into regional and state differences, hiring demand, and gender gap issues.

The report tells us that in 2020 specialists earned an average $346,000 per year, up from $341,000 in 2019. But female physicians earn 28% less on average than their male counterparts in the same specialty.

Primary care physicians, including family medicine practitioners, earn an average of $243,000 per year, up from $237,000 in 2019. But half of all family medicine doctors earn less than $205,000. And they’ve seen their pay decrease by 8.3%, the largest of all medical specialties, according to the report.

Why isn’t clear.

It’s not a matter of a significant gender imbalance the way it is in pediatrics where almost two-thirds of the doctors are women. Or in obstetrics/gynecology, which is 59% female. The Association of American Medical Colleges says 59% of the family medicine doctors are male.

For whatever reason, the Physicians Thrive report says that, “Since 2014, the number of physicians choosing to work in family medicine has decreased, leaving family practices understaffed throughout the country.”

Picking up at least some of the slack are nurse practitioners and physician assistants. The report says 78% of NPs and 33% of PAs provide primary care, according to the report. Though they do much of the same work as a physician, nurse practitioners on average earned $124,000 in 2019.

The highest-paid specialists, according to the report, are neurosurgeons earning a median of $645,000. In the Midwest, these specialists earn an average of $760,000 annually, making them the highest-paid specialists anywhere.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash


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