All year round, but especially during Pride Month, employers have an obligation to demonstrate inclusive hiring practices, diversity efforts, and equality in the workplace. We celebrate Pride Month not only to honor the incredible strides made by those in the LGBTQ+ community, but to continue educating on their admirable history and fighting for unconditional acceptance. 

Visibility & Reassurance

Visibility speaks volumes. Employers should have initiatives in place in order to support those at their organization who identify as LGBTQ+. This all starts in the recruitment process. Company values, such as embracing diversity, should be clearly communicated by recruiters, hiring managers, and even your marketing department. Potential hires should never wonder whether your organization is accepting and supportive of people from various types of backgrounds.

It’s important to remain proactive when recruiting potential new hires. For instance, if a candidate has questions on how their identity might effect their experience in the workplace, you must be ready to answer those questions appropriately. Many members of the LGBTQ+ community, especially those from younger generations, care deeply about an employer’s level of acceptance and equality. Be prepared to reassure, and provide evidence, that your organization will meet their expectations. According to a survey by Handshake Network Trends, 53% of respondents in Generation Z agree or strongly agree that “they would not apply to a job or internship where they find an employer lacks diversity.” 

Director of Talent Acquisition, Brooke Stemen, elaborates on a crucial way that Green Key employs this practice. “We have woven equality into the Green Key Resources fibers by having nongendered parental leave policies,” she says.

Year-round inclusivity

In terms of celebrating Pride beyond the month of June, there are many ways your organization can support the community. For instance, adjusting your marketing and advertising campaigns to include more LGBTQ+ people can be a major factor when clients and customers choose to work with your company. Including LGBTQ+ people of different races, races, and identities in marketing images and videos helps to connect with members of the community and assure them that you’re in their corner. This all comes down to social listening and recognizing how your company conducts outreach to LGBTQ+. 

Demonstrating inclusion year-round, through updated job descriptions, relevant events, and supportive benefits, will prove to candidates that your company is actively making an effort to create a healthy, communicative environment in the workplace. At Green Key, we are proud to support the LGBTQ+ every month throughout the year, while also maintaining a safe space for our employees. Adina Goldman, Principal at Green Key and Head of Corporate Human Resources, mentions, “We’re advocates for participation in the programs that we offer, but we understand that each employee has a different comfort level. This is why diversifying the programs offered is so beneficial. It creates a greater opportunity for employees to engage in whichever way that is meaningful and comfortable for them.” 

If you’re interested in advancing your recruiting career, and joining a firm that values the LGBTQ+ community all year long don’t hesitate to connect with Brooke on LinkedIn and get these conversations started today!