Welcome back to #WeAreGreenKey, where we shine a spotlight on our powerhouse recruiting team. 

We sat back with Melissa Sanchez, Director of the Healthcare New York team at Green Key. With over twenty years of recruiting experience, all of them within healthcare, Melissa brings an immense level of experience and support to her team. She emphasizes the connection she has with the industry, while also touching upon the post-pandemic adjustments.  

Are there any hiring trends occurring in the healthcare industry right now? 

Healthcare is one of those markets that never sleeps. I worked in recruiting even before Green Key, but it’s always been healthcare based. This industry is never boring because it never takes a pause. Temp HC has branched out more into the travel world as well. That’s been my focus – to expand my healthcare travel experience on a national basis.  

Right now, we work on positions from lower-level roles to Case Managers to Nurse Practitioners to even Pathology Assistants. There is never a dull moment in the healthcare sector. 

What tips would you give someone looking to get into Healthcare recruiting? 

Recruiting as a whole is not for everybody, but the gratification of helping someone find their new path in healthcare is unmatched. You fall in love with this job as it goes on and the industry doesn’t die out. 

Has the industry changed post-pandemic? 

Client needs have changed, which means the market has changed financially. Market rates have gone down. It becomes difficult because candidates still want to get paid the same rates as they were during Covid. We’re finding professionals who want a remote-based role or too high of a salary. We end up having to reel them back to reality, as we return to a pre-pandemic world. 

In terms of remote roles, however, we have clinical case managers, social workers, and member services for insurance companies, and benefit counselors.  

How does your team manage training or learning of healthcare terminology? 

I do try to bring people who have a bit of a healthcare background, because it can be hard if you’re not familiar with the terminology or context. In terms of training, our lead recruiters, including myself, provide a full breakdown of roles. We also provide sample resumes and keywords to use as a guide. Even so, new jobs can come up where we all have to tackle a learning curve. We keep an open line of communication across the team. You need that type of support when working remotely. 

What keeps you coming back to this business every day? 

I’ve developed strong relationships with certain providers who I’ve been working with for years. It’s amazing getting to be a networking system for them. When I first started in this industry, I got to see what recruiters were doing for other people and knew I wanted that. I was originally a receptionist, while going to school at night. When I graduated, they took me on full time, and I haven’t left healthcare recruiting since. 

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