The mentor/mentee relationship might seem similar to that of the manager/employee, but according to our recruiters, there’s a vast difference. “There’s authentic accountability in a mentor/mentee relationship,” says Todd Gabianelli, Partner at Green Key and one of the four heads of the Pharma division. “Whereas management is more about measuring specific metrics.” 

The importance of mentorship 

Todd has been on the Pharma team at Green Key for 11 years and credits his success his mentors who have always helped put him in a position to win. As a Partner, he is still very active in the client facing/business development part of the business, which offers him real-time insight and access to some of the day-to-day challenges that the Sales and Recruiting team face.  

Jack Staub, Business Development Manager on the Pharma team, joined Green Key in November 2021. Though he was not looking for a new job at the time, talking to Todd quickly changed his mind. “I learned more about staffing in an hour with Todd and Deloris [Partner at Green Key] than some do in one year,” he says.

Staub praises Gabianelli for being able to teach in a personable and communicative manner, despite being in the industry for so long. “You can read as many materials as you want, but until you can talk to someone who’s actually been through it, that’s when you really grasp it. The fact that I’m able to call Todd and get an answer in 30 seconds…that’s what’s cool about having a mentor.” 

Four months at Green Key later, Staub aspires to one day be in Todd’s shoes and lead a whole team of recruiters. Having an example and seeing the framework of what’s possible is nothing but motivation to him. Gabianelli believes that Green Key attracts a certain type of individual, one who has a entrepreneurial build and ability to make a bet on themselves. “When Jack came on board, we created very specific goals together,” he recalls. “How he gets there is on him. People don’t come here to be micromanaged.” However, there is still a sense of strong collaboration. “We’ll celebrate your wins, and when you mess up, we’ll figure it out together.” 

Qualities of a good mentor & mentee 

When asked what qualities make a good mentor, Staub stresses the importance of knowing where your mentee came from and where they want to be, as well as providing the right resources for success. Gabianelli mentions the need for both parties to hold up their end, saying, “It has to be a two-way road. If I’m making suggestions or setting up a system to follow, there needs to be measurable, consistent action on that plan, otherwise the mentee/mentor relationship won’t work. The mentee has to want the outcomes for him/herself more than the mentor does.” 

On being a mentee, Staub says, “I try my best to be a good listener. Everyone is different of course, and you have to adapt.” The relationship relies on building trust and not having your hand held. “I really respond to that. I like the trial and error style.” 

If you’re interested in a career in recruitment, and the mentorship that comes along with working at Green Key, check out our internal jobs page today! Your next amazing career move could be right around the corner. 

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