In one of our recent installments of #GreenKeyUnlocked, we dove into the new idea of company culture following the COVID-19 Pandemic. We outlined just how differently day to day work lives have become, as well as the shift in employee demands. In order to keep up, companies will not only have to alter their work-life culture, but their retention strategies as well.  

Candidates are prioritizing different values during their job searches now. What used to be overlooked is now at the forefront of importance. Job hunters want to know their needs will be met prior to committing to a company. In turn, companies must consider what makes their offers and open positions attractive for potential candidates. To strengthen employee retention, we’ve highlighted a list of tips to think about when recruiting for your company.

  1. A strong benefits package and salary. It might go without saying, but knowing they’ll be taken care of financially is generally the top priority for job seekers.  In addition to a competitive salary, the pandemic put an emphasis on mental health and wellbeing. In turn, people need benefits that will support these concepts. According to Forbes, “During the pandemic many employers offered new health and wellness benefits to support their workers through difficult times, and as things return to normal, employees’ expectation is that this support will continue. The news that Amazon, one of America’s largest employers, has introduced a new mental health benefit for all its US employees and their families is significant.”   
  1. A comfortable work environment. As we’ve referenced in our recent articles, work-life balance as changed for the better. Work from home culture has taken over and employees now expect the option. Reiterating to your candidates that they will not be chained to a desk is important. Trust is key and job hunters are looking for the flexibility of remote work. FlexJobs says, “When done right, remote work allows employees and companies to focus on what really matters—performance. Unfortunately, the office environment can create “false positives” that can lead to bias and favoritism. After all, coming in early and leaving late may “look” like more work, but actual performance is a much better indicator of productivity.” 
  1. Training. Always consider strong and thorough training. Even senior level positions can grow and gain new skills at different companies.  As technology and culture changes, so should the training. Make sure to emphasize that training does not end after the first couple of weeks; candidates prefer the promise of ongoing professional growth.  
  1. 30-60-90. In addition to training, reviews and check-ins are just as important. Paycor stresses the importance of the first 90 days at a company, quoting “Just because you’ve brought a new employee on board, the hiring process is not over. Ensuring that your employees have a positive, engaging onboarding experience is as important as making sure your recruiting and application processes go well.” Checking in after the first 30, 60, and 90 days will create a personal and rewarding experience for your employee. When recruiting for roles, highlighting this practice or something similar will catch the eyes of candidates.  
  1. Recognize accomplishments. Lastly, job seekers want to know their hard work will be appreciated. Listen to your employees and celebrate their dedication to the company. “With the ongoing changes in the workplace, meeting a goal or achieving a milestone can go by unnoticed, which can cause some employees to feel disengaged and devalued… Now more than ever, it is important that people leaders place a great deal of intention on appreciating and rewarding employees in a way that they desire to be recognized,” claims Forbes. Strategies such as “employee spotlights” or annual awards will keep people on staff and attract new employees.  

Being aware of these tactics, and what candidates are valuing in a post-pandemic world, will keep your company more than one step ahead. Make attractive promises and work to keep them. The retention rates will speak volumes and, most importantly, your employees will thank you. 

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