Welcome back to #WeAreGreenKey, where we shine a spotlight on our powerhouse recruiting team. 

This week, we sat down with Mike Glock, Senior Account Executive on the Accounting + Finance temporary staffing team. As a recent Green Key hire, Mike is working with his team out of the new office in New Jersey, with goals of tapping into the temp market and building a large client base. He lets us in on his journey through recruiting and how he plans to continue growing in New Jersey. 

How did you first get started in recruiting? 

I was about two years out of college, working at Enterprise Rent-a-Car getting valuable business experience. But it was a little bit of a burn-out; I worked a lot of weekends and there wasn’t a ton of room to move up. I had always heard that the recruiting industry had good earning potential. Pretty soon after that, I was contacted by a firm and I signed on for my first recruiting job. I fell in love with the ability to help people and working with new clients and organizations.   

What about recruiting keeps you coming back every day? 

I like being on the edge of my seat. You never know what to expect day in and day out. My relationships keep me in the game, both from the client and candidate side. I’m still in touch with people I worked with years ago and watching them grow in their career.  

How is the office in New Jersey going to benefit your team? 

I think it’ll be great to get us all some face time with each other. While the pandemic made the workplace more flexible, I think recruitment and sales is an environment that thrives on energy. Sometimes that energy can’t be replaced when you have a room full of people closing deals on candidates. It also gives us some time to bond and practice team building.  

What are the perks of Accounting + Finance temp work? 

On the client side, it’s a flexible staffing solution. For example, a client may need some help but might not have the budget for a long-term salary. Maternity leaves and big mergers can also require temporary staffers when work still needs to get done. 

On the candidate side, there are several reasons why someone can benefit from temp work. They could be at end of their career and only looking for something for a few years. Or a candidate could be looking for an open door while getting back into the job market or a new industry.  

What sets Green Key apart from other staffing agencies? 

It’s the investment they put in their staff. In the six weeks I’ve been here, many people have been helping me and making sure I have every resource I need. It’s also the attention to detail. I’ve watched my new colleagues go over every detail with their candidates and work so smoothly with our clients. Everyone here is approachable, while also entrusting each other to get our work done efficiently.  

What are your goals for your team going forward? 

I hope to be an integral part of building out the New Jersey temp staffing team. The ability to build something from the ground up really drew me to Green Key. So I look forward to contributing to building this client base. I’ve done temp staffing in New Jersey in the past, so my goal is to bring those relationships to Green Key. 

Anybody joining our team will be coming into great resources and an untapped market, with unlimited learning potential and extensive opportunities to help other people. 

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Influencer is the Hottest New Marketing Career (Sample)

When the pandemic hit and Americans hunkered down, spending on essentials and entertainment, but on little else, brands naturally cut their marketing budgets.

One area that survived was social media influencers. After dipping slightly at the outset of the quarantine, social influencer spending quickly returned to pre-COVID levels. Meanwhile, other advertising, including digital, continued to decline so much that 7-in-10 CMOs have seen an average 19% cut in their marketing budgets.

From an almost accidental niche specialty, influencer marketing has become a big part of digital marketing. Spending on social influence was estimated to hit $9.7 billion this year.

Marketers report that for every $1 they spend on social influence they earn an average media value of $5.78. No surprise then that influencer jobs have become one of the hottest new marketing careers. By virtue of the relationship they’ve established with their audience, social media influencers can introduce their followers to a new brand, or boost an established brand’s sales simply by posting about them.

Until recently, influencers didn’t see what for many began as a hobby as a career. They wrote blogs, posted videos and images to YouTube and Instagram channels and otherwise produced content about what most interested them. As they gained followers, they gained influence and companies noticed.

Kylie Jenner, with 164 million Instagram followers, can drive huge sales for her cosmetics line and for other products she promotes. So effective is her influence that companies pay her hundreds of thousands, even up to a million to post about their products.


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