Over the past week, the leadership team at Green Key Resources has been following the devastating wildfires as they fatally and emotionally affect the residents of Maui, Hawai’i. As an organization, we have been examining how we can lend a helping hand to those in need.  

We’ve gathered some information below on organizations that are accepting donations for disaster relief. We thank our amazing community for sharing their time and resources to support the people and pets who have been displaced in Maui. 

5 Organizations Supporting Hawai’i Now:  

  • American Red Cross  


Green Key has made a corporate contribution to this organization. The American Red Cross of Hawai’i is accepting donations to directly help those affected by the wildfires. These donations are helping to supply safe shelters and warm meals.  

  • Hawai’i Community Foundation  


HCF created the “Maui Strong” fund, which is providing financial resources across the communities of Maui to aid with disaster and recovery resources.   

  • Mercy Chefs  


Mercy Chefs is dedicated to providing countless meals to victims and emergency workers in Maui. They are accepting donations online to help feed those in need.  

  • Hawai’i Healthcare Emergency Management  


HHEM, a nonprofit devoted to emergency healthcare service in the state of Hawai’i, is accepting any and all contributions. As the death toll rises in Maui, HHEM is using their funding to replace medical equipment and maintain limited resources.   

  • Maui Human Society  


Unfortunately, many families who survived the wildfires have injured pets in need of medical attention.  Your donation to the Maui Human Society will help provide pet supplies and emergency kits to animal shelters and veterinarians.   

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